Clash of car-tramvia: resumed service – Tuscany

Company, will gradually return to normal

(ANSA) – FLORENCE, 25 AGO – It will resume around 18 th
service of tram line 1 in the area around the square
Batoni, interrupted from 12.15 for a collision between a car and one
convoy of the tram, then partially released from the track. the
service, initially delayed, will gradually return to the
Normality: at the moment it is explained by Gest, the varieties all start
about ten minutes, and it takes about two hours to return
to the usual regime of a race every six minutes or so.
Complex and long-term recovery intervention: after
removal of the damaged car, for the repositioning of the
tram in the track was needed to use a large one
cranes. The convoy was then taken to the depot. Still inside
the tests are performed to analyze the dynamics of the clash between
the means: there are also video's of the camera's


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