Collapse Genoa, even the supervision of the ministry knew of the degradation of the bridge: here is the evidence

Collapse Genoa, even the supervision of the ministry knew of the degradation of the bridge: here is the evidence

To understand something about the collapse of the Genoa bridge, the minister Danilo Toninelli has now sent an IT specialist. Alfredo Principio Mortellaro, 66, former secret agent of the SISD, was included last night in the commission of inquiry of the Minister of Infrastructure, who simultaneously withdrew the role of president and commissioner at Roberto Ferrazza, manager of public works of Piedmont-Valle d & # 39 Aosta-Liguria. At the same time, Antonio Brencich, associate professor of engineering at the University of Genoa, has resigned.

The decision was taken
after L & # 39; Espresso discovered that both Ferrazza and Brencich had signed the minutes last February
of the technical administrative committee with which the ministry has admitted to the degradation of the viaduct, has approved the restructuring project of Autostrade by l & # 39; Italia, but has not prescribed safety measures, such as the reduction of traffic.

The detail that stands out in Principio Mortellaro's curriculum, mechanical engineering graduate from the Turin Polytechnic in 1980, is that he was never involved in the design, construction or demolition of bridges.

With him now, three out of five, the commissioners for whom Danilo Toninelli has chosen Directorate-General for road operators: it is the same ministerial supervisory authority in the field of treaties and security which received the minutes of the technical and administrative committee signed by Ferrazza and Brencich in February and given the fact that the viaduct has collapsed, does not seem to have had any particular supervision on its terms. The evidence that even the Directorate-General was aware of the degradation of the Morandi Bridge is the report of the report of the Genoa administrator, which we publish above.

As of 27 October 2017, Principio Mortellaro will be the director of "Section 6 – Analysis of rate plans and annual rate adjustment". The same office and department as the other commissioner, Michele Franzese, 56, a civil engineer.
The third Commissioner, taken by the Minister for the Directorate-General for Supervision, is Bruno Santoro
, 50 years old, civil engineer, manager of "Department 1 – technical and operational supervision of the motorway network under concession".

The propaganda of politics against the reality of a country where roads and bridges collapse and with a difficult autumn in sight because of the increasingly redder accounts. The new issue of Espresso deals with this, which tries to explain who knew and was silent about the Morandi Bridge and whose fault it is for the roads that break apart. And with an analysis of how the & # 39; propaganda ministry & # 39; behind Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio, and then the new issue: a story about the poorest neighborhoods in Naples, where every day is fought against poverty and ugliness; a floor on Croatia that glides more and more to the right. And, in conclusion, an analysis by Marco Damilano about 40 years after the "essay on Proudhon", the political manifesto that Craxi published in our weekly magazine. This and much more on the Espresso at kiosks from Sunday 26 August

They were all promoted in their ministerial positions by Vincenzo Cinelli, 60, degree in political science, the head of the Directorate-General for the supervision of highway concessions appointed on 14 August 2017 by the then minister of Public Administration, Maria Anna Madia, on proposal by the then Minister of Infrastructure, Graziano Delrio. Commissioner Santoro from 2009 to 2013, when he was employed by the Public Works Council,
he received from Autostrade per l & # 39; Italia, the concessionaire on which he is currently investigating, two ad personam professional assignments
authorized by the Ministry for a total of seventy thousand euros.

Italia selfie, Italia crac: the cover of the Espresso on kiosks from Sunday 26 August

This is the ministerial army that has to take care of the interests of the state and the taxpayers in the long legal and technical battle that promises against the Autostrade society, accused by the government of Giuseppe Conte of not properly maintaining the viaduct. And therefore only to be responsible for the disaster that killed 43 people on the morning of 14 August.

Alfredo Principle Mortellaro is a former secret agent of the SISDE. From 1988 to 1989, the last years of the Cold War, he worked in the computer department of the Presidency of the Council, as head of the maintenance center for electronic equipment for encrypted broadcasts and data security. Until 1994 he worked on "control activities for the export of high-tech goods and military equipment, as well as on the national … anti-proliferation control of the weapons of mass destruction".

The future researcher of minister Toninelli, always as an employee of the secret services, then led the logistics and motorization. From the SISDE in 2006 he was transferred to the Board of Public Works, in the Ministry of Infrastructure. Career from 007, salary decimated. The cause of the move is, according to him, the famous clique of the highest management of the ministry, Angelo Balducci and from the builder Diego Anemone, investigated for corruption and sentenced to February 2018 initially for up to six years and six months and up to six years in prison.


The public manager of the supervision of concession holders selected by the Minister of Infrastructure has received 70 thousand euros from the company for private professional services. After the case of President Ferrazza and Professor Brencich, a new tile in the committee of inquiry for the disaster

Called in Procura in Perugia as a witness to the activities of Balducci and Anemone, Principe Mortellaro questions the director of the Sisde, the prefect Mario Mori: "The prefect Mori had several times to express negative opinions about Balducci who, according to him, worked in an irregular way, suddenly his judgment changed and went on for a true savior of the fatherland. "Mori should not have done well.

The former secret agent then appears again as a civil party in the trial against the defendants of the Cricca, whom he accuses of ruining his career. His curriculum also illustrates his skills as an "expert in the field of installation engineering with supervisory tasks". At the Ministry of Infrastructure in 2011 he went to the temporary register of inspectors. They send him to go with galleries. A profession that does not really come close to his career as a mechanical engineer specializing in computer science. But already in 1981 in Avellino, during the reconstruction of the earthquake in Irpinia, he had signed a civil engineering intervention with the "final design of a new factory for the production of double hearth boilers".


The minutes of a meeting between Infrastructure, the General Supervisory Board, Rijkswaterstaat and the management company show that from February 2018 the gravity of the corrosion was known. The document is signed by Roberto Ferrazza and Antonio Brencich, now appointed as president and expert member of the government inquiry committee

Yes, but all this with the bridges what does that have to do with it? Minister Toninelli gave no explanation when communicating the appointment. The three Commissioners of the Directorate-General for Oversight therefore support Professor Ivo Vanzi, 52, an expert structural engineer from the High Council for Public Works, and the Ministry technician Gianluca Ievolella, 62, a counselor in support of the chairman of the same board. and he was a manager and a hydraulic engineer, as evidenced by his ministerial curriculum: "37 years of experience in the maritime, port and general public construction sectors". Who knows, maybe for the minister between bridges and piers there is no difference.

On the Sunday, August 26 edition of L & # 39; Espresso, the services "Who knew and was silent" by Fabrizio Gatti and "La cattiva strada" by Gianfrancesco Turano

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