Collapse Morandi bridge, the two stumps must be killed

The report of the ministry committee leaves no doubt, we will start with those above the houses

The two stumps of Ponte Morandi will both be demolished, starting soon from the East, indicating that the houses that are currently evacuated. According to what is being learned, the report of the MIT committee on the pylons that is still there, especially for the Levante, underlines a major risk of soil subsidence. When the decision about the slaughter becomes official, the public prosecutor will be asked to continue with the release of the abutments to have them killed. At this moment there is a meeting in the prefecture that addresses this problem. The commission wrote to the Ministry and the Autostrade dealer to start the interventions.

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"We have received a report from the chairman of the ministerial committee that reports a clear state of high corrosion on the pylon 10" – said the prefect of Genoa Fiamma Spena – we met to see if there were any activities that were a precautionary measure. had to be carried out. The municipality was informed, but the indicated scenarios were already under investigation, so there is currently no reason to increase the red area unless further instructions from the technicians. There is constant vigilance in the red area and the withdrawal of personal belongings from the homes of displaced persons remains suspended ".
In the meantime, the Serie A competition has announced that in the weekend all Serie A teams and the race officials will enter the field with a shirt that will have the word "Genoa in the heart".

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