Collapse of the bridge, cda Autostrade: respected concession obligations. Toninelli and Di Maio: «Indecent, better to be silent»

Autostrade by l & # 39; Italia & # 39; s board of directors, meeting today for an update on the story of the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa,
among others "he noted the elements of refutation of the letter from the Ministry of Infrastructures of 16 August
2018 prepared by the technical structures of the company ed confirmed its conviction with regard to the timely fulfillment of the concession obligations by the Company».

Autostrade also explains that an update was made during the board about the progress of the shared initiatives
in the meeting of 21 August, "in particular assistance to affected families who have affected more than 200 families,
the initiatives to restore urban traffic, further initiatives for toll acceleration and progress
of the project of demolition and reconstruction of the bridge ".
The board of Atlantia has announced, for its part, to be aware of the & # 39; successful scheme & # 39; by the
subsidiary of Autostrade by l & # 39; Italia, of the reply letter and its attachments
, on the memorandum from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, which confirms on the basis of the elements drawn up by the ECB
technical structure, the timely fulfillment of the concession obligations by the subsidiary ".

VIEW THE VIDEO: Here is how the new Genoa bridge designed by Renzo Piano will be

Toninelli: timely fulfillment? indecent
Immediately lin reply to Minister Danilo Toninelli to the conviction pronounced by the board of directors of Autostrade that he has fulfilled all obligations
. "It is incredible – wrote on Twitter the owner of the infrastructure – hear Autostrade speak of" timely fulfillment
of the obligations "after a tragedy with 43 dead, 9 wounded, hundreds displaced and companies on their knees, we are indecent.
We will straighten things up and return safety and services to the citizens who travel. "" We only expect from the Benettons
the excuses and the money for the reconstruction of the bridge, which they will not do. For the rest, I recommend Autostrade to remain silent… Italians can no longer make their off-site statements, "he repeated in a message on FB Deputy Prime Minister M5 Luigi Di Maio.

Giorgetti: concession stop, better race for the new "The first goal is the withdrawal of the concession to the company Autostrade, then we will discuss politically how to proceed" on the
management of the motorway network, it said Undersecretary of Prime Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti to the Versiliana of Marina di Pietrasanta (Lucca), in which that is explained after the withdrawal of the concession to Autostrade "the state gets two chances". The first is "decide to do things at home,
nationalize, using Anas or I do not know what else to manage the highway network »A hypothesis regarding which Giorgetti does not
he has hidden perplexities ("Honestly, I doubt Anas today has the technical structures and skills to do it"). The alternative is to "make a race in which the concession is competed in a different way".

There are 1432 damaged companies
To be registered that I am 1,432 – of which 95 with more than 50 employees – companies that suffered direct and indirect damage as a result of the collapse of the Morandi bridge. The number emerges from the cartography made so far by the region, the municipality and the Chamber of Commerce: 40 have suffered direct damage and are in the red zone. The development commissioner Benveduti has shown to the entrepreneurs which proposals have been sent to the government, including suspension Durc,
by way of derogation for SMEs, logistics investments to facilitate goods flows, streamlining of port traffic.

Experts employed in Genoa
The committee of experts took up office this morning that will have to support all decisions by the Commissioner's deputy for overcoming the emergency situation Giovanni Toti and from the mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci, for all activities related to safety, the definition of the red zone and the bridging reduction plan. From today the commission will be working, collecting all necessary documentation and carrying out inspections and
monitoring activities. The committee is updated next week for a first assessment of the state
of safety and of thebridging reduction planas soon as it is finally presented by Società Autostrade.

Prosecutor has new video that bridge collapse
And there is a video from a fixed camera of a company, located in Corso Perrone that clearly resumes the moment of collapse
from the last Morandi bridge
August 14. The video is in the hands of researchers and has not been released. «The images – explained the public prosecutor Francesco
Cozzi – we can not reveal for research reasons. If the different eyewitnesses we see would see them, they would be at risk
to tell us a polluted version of exactly how it went. And so we can do that too
to exclude mythomaniacs who can invent things ".

Prosecutor asks Ministry other prosecutors
The Attorney General of Genoa has in the meantime asked the Ministry of Justice for help for other magistrates. For months organic
of the ninth floor of the courthouse, five deputy prosecutors have been missing. And after the bridge has collapsed
Morandi, two o'clock in the afternoon will have to undergo an investigation that is long and very technical. For this the main prosecutor has
Genoa Francesco Cozzi has prepared a letter to send to the ministry to request the application of at least two others
magistrates to partially compensate for the shortage of

Poste apron red real estate mortgages
Also Poste Italiane, to express the proximity of the families affected by the tragedy of the collapse of the Morandi Bridge, concluded:
in consultation with Deutsche Bank, to suspend the payment of mortgage repayments for the "red zone" properties. From tomorrow
September 1, «the holders of Mutuo BancoPosta
may request suspension of time limits for housing and commercial and economic activities carried out in the
buildings erected after the collapse of the Polcevera viaduct of the A10 motorway ".

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