COLLECTION TOTAL in advance between Thursday and Sunday, also the SNOW, here is the SON OF CICLONE ERNESTO »

Weather: TOTAL COLLAPSE in advance between Thursday and Sunday, also the SNOW, here is the SON of CICLONE ERNESTO

Time ready to change from Thursday 24Time ready to change from Thursday 24As always, the watchful eye of the Meteosat satellite from its staggering 36,000 km altitude, from which nothing escapes, lets us know that an extraordinary tropical cyclone has arrived on the British Isles, renamed Ernesto from the center US Uragans, exceptionally born at a latitude of no less than 42 ° N, practically the same from Rome, which after reaching Ireland and Wales with wind speeds of 100 km / h quickly thunder and lightning promises throughout Central Europe. Western and later also in Italy. In advance on the road map, all of it Thursday, August 23 atmospheric circulation will start to change radically, in fact lhigh pressure first present on Italy for weeks, although with some ailments, it will be destroyed in a few hours from the arrival of an extension of the cyclone Ernesto, or a tear to speak hard, but that we will be much more comfortable for brevity and comfort than Son of Ernesto; he will be the one who causes a truth HARD STOP to the summer, at least for four or five days.

Both Thursday 23 and Friday 24 thunderstorms are born in the north from noon, initially lost in the Alps, then bold and threatening downhill too on Valpadana, out Piedmont to Turin and from Lombardy to Milan, towards the Veneto, then Verona, Vicenza, Padua and Venice and until Friday night to Friuli Venezia Giulia and Emilia Romagna: in this configuration, the formation of super cells is very likely, or rather isolated but violent storm constructions, 10,000 m high, more than Everest, capable of discharging tens of liters of water per square meter to the ground, even accompanied by hail. And in all this commotion, as if this were not enough, the storms will continue to attack the afternoon of the whole center-south, from the Apennines to Lazio, Rome, Campania, Naples, Puglia, Calabria and again Sardinia and Sicily, there are really strong temperatures and temperatures will drop.

However, the meteorological image will be completely disrupted on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 August when the season Summer will suffer a general collapse. EVERYTHING will change, the RAIN, the VERA, the SERIA will arrive, not the usual simple summer showers, in fact the fresh air the Alps as usual, both from the Rhone Valley and from the Porta della Bora, by traversing that Karst plateau often no longer able to defend Italy, as in the past, a country that has even been abandoned by the once friendly friend of the Azores of the Azores. The atmosphere will therefore become explosive, a low pressure will arise in the Gulf of Genoa in one of the worst meteorological configurations for our regions in the so-called Ligurian Cyclogenese, to speak academically, but which in short will provoke a real provocation deterioration of the time of the autumn form characterized by a sudden temperature drop to 15 ° C and abundant local rainfall in many still persistent areas, with the return of the SNOW at 1800m on all the Alps and on the Dolomites, and also around Cortina d & # 39; Ampezzo in Cadore.

Sunday 26 the cyclone will move to the Balkans. The instability associated with showers and thunderstorms will still affect the Triveneto and Emilia Romagna take it too to the Adriatic region & # 39; s. In the Northwest it will improve again, but with a rather sparkling climate, especially in the morning, and with temperatures of 14 ° C in the morning, very little.

Sunday is summer, but this summer our memories will not be, whether they are a month, a vacation, a night, a star.Cyclone Ernesto from the satelliteCyclone Ernesto from the satellite

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