Confindustria, Boccia: "At the Lega no endorsement"

Confindustria is not a League. "No approval" at the League, explained the industrial leader Vincenzo Boccia. Indeed, he pointed out, his words in Vicenza "must be interpreted as a provocation to underline some inconsistencies in the Salvini party line, which is green on the territory and the government is yellow-green." So no approval, but "exploitation" fueled by "some tweets".

To understand the subject of the dispute, it is necessary to go back a few days when the industrial leader in Veneto pronounced words of confidence against the Salvini party: "We strongly believe in the League, this is an important part, here it is not a question of regionalism, but of real answers to citizens ".

The controversy between President Boccia and former Minister Calenda

Confindustria and Lega then, as if, certainly for the interests of the category, they were looking for a critical bank in the Carroccio compared to the economic choices of the 5 stars. Words like stones, which the allies of the government certainly did not like, but which prompted a discussion with the democrats. The former minister of economic development Calenda intervenes in his own way, via twitter. "Confindustria" is officially the League, which knows whether companies also believe in Plan B, in transforming Italy into an unfair democracy, in getting out of control, etc. Never had a president so approved attached to a political party.

Boccia indicates his position: "No approval in the competition"

A few hours and Boccia reformulates his position: "The meaning of the words spoken in Veneto – made clear to the entrepreneur – was that the measures of the government are the measures of the government, no part or the other part, so we have invited the League, which has relationships in the regions that run the North, to be consistent with this path. "No approval, only consistency.

The position on the Def

A little step back, or better, a clarification. But the industrial leader also says about Def and the inevitable reaction of the markets. "The point is not to go wrong in terms of shortage – he says – the point is to explain the touch as the overrun

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