Corruption, arrested mayor of Ponzano: searched the houses of Verdini and Ciocchetti

They arrived at his house to search it. Denis Verdini is also involved in the investigation of the Carabinieri that led to the arrest this morning Enzo De Santis, mayor of Ponzano Romano, municipality north of the capital. The first citizen is accused of corruption for receiving bribes Sergio Scarpellini, the broker who once rented real estate in the house and in the senate. Next to Verdini's house, the soldiers also looked for the house Luciano Ciocchetti, former vice-president of the Lazio region with the right-hand right. The former President of the Capitoline Assembly has also been investigated in the investigation, Mirko Coratti, already involved with Mafia Capital and in the second instance sentenced to 4 years and 6 months.

For the researchers, they would all have received benefits from Scarpellini, arrested by the Carabinieri for corruption in December 2016 together with the then head of the municipality of Roma Capitale, Raffaele Marra. Confiscated assets for 750 thousand euros, considered as profits from the received bribes. Only in recent weeks has Verdini collected convictions for a total of twelve years and three months in prison. On 3 July he was sentenced to six years and ten months in prison for the bank crack Florentine cooperative credit. It dates from just five days ago, however, the sentence initially one 5 and a half years of detention for the fraudulent bankruptcy from Tuscan Society of Editions.

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