Costa, I ask the region to stop hunting on Sunday – animals

Costa (M5S), region & # 39; s stop hunting on Sunday. "I want to call on the Regions to immediately change the current calendar and at least block the hunt (those with wild boar, the most dangerous and risky accidents) on Sundays, when forests and mountains are even more inhabited by hikers from those who go to mushrooms, to chestnuts or just want to enjoy nature without the risk of dying, for now, with the skills given to the Ministry of Environment, this is what can be done ". This was written by the Minister of the Environment, Sergio Costa (M5S), on Facebook.

"According to the Italian legal system – Costa explained – the issue, governed by a frame of reference law, 157/92, is the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture and managed by the region." The regional hunting calendars are defined months. do and what I am doing is to ensure that the Ispra advice issued for the hunting season is respected It is unacceptable that the instructions of the highest scientific authority on the subject are sometimes misled or ignored. thus acting vigorously in the interests of our wildlife heritage and in the full technical independence of Ispra ".

"Parliament will be able to make the necessary assessments about the hypothesis of a reform of the legislation that will allow better security and better management of hunting," concluded Costa.

Your citizens can do a lot: report to the Carabinieri Forestali, to the Provincial Police and to every judicial police organization any violation of the regulations. Each of us does our part, one next to the other, for the common good. "

One hundred (Lega), about hunting and wildlife I will talk to Costa and Stefani (Lega). "In the coming days, I will ask questions from Ministers Costa (Sergio, Ambiente, etc.) and Stefani (Erika, Regional Affairs, etc.) about the two issues related to hunting and control of wild animals. who kneel in our agriculture These are two issues that are too important to discuss only in newspapers or on social media, and we will talk about their skills on every subject ". This was stated in a statement by the Minister of Agriculture and Tourism, Gian Marco Centinaio (Lega).

Chiamparino (Pd) in Costa, a decree and Piemonte vote it. "A suggestion not asked to the Minister Costa: to make a decree that immediately implements, the reasons for urgency that I think does not fail, on my part I can guarantee that the Piedmont region will not fall back on constitution". So the Piemontese governor, Sergio Chiamparino, comments on the statements by the Minister of the Environment, Sergio Costa, who announced on Corriere della Sera the wish to make an appeal to the Regions to ban the hunt for Sunday.

Fontana (Lega), hunting is part of our culture. "A dramatic episode took place yesterday: we must try to be more cautious, but hunting is part of our culture and I do not think it can be eliminated." So the governor of Lombardy, Attilio Fontana, who asked if he would agree with the proposal of the Minister of the Environment Sergio Costa to delete the Sundays after the incident in which he lost his life, the young Nathan Labolani.

The Petris (Leu) and Costa, stop hunting on Sunday. "Deleting the Sundays from the hunting calendar, after the serious accident in which a boy of barely 19 years old has been killed, is an absolutely acceptable decision, even if it is only a start: stricter security measures are needed for the safety of everyone". So the senator of Leu Loredana De Petris comments on the statements to Corriere della Sera of Minister Sergio Costa, after the Apricale accident.

Giammanco (FI), well Costa, is banned in private funds. "Every year the hunting season registers an impressive war report for the number of victims it provokes, ie the contribution of Minister Costa to review the legislation of an activity that poses a risk to the lives of many people". This was stated by Gabriella Giammanco, Vice President of Forza Italia in the Senate. "For years I have argued that, in the first place, the ban on hunting in private funds must be introduced, regardless of whether or not there is permission from the owner The current rule is uncivilized, is not respectful of the property of others and can jeopardize the safety of everyone, especially the most defenseless subjects, such as very young children ", concludes Giammanco.

Animalists, illegal pdl from Lombardy about calls and migration. "Tomorrow, October 2, regional councilors from Lombardy will vote on two accounts that, if approved, will again allow the capture of wild birds to use them as live recall in the stalking-hunt and killing small, not huntable migratory birds a few hours after the tragedy of Imperia, all violent in violation of European law (Bird Directive), the National Law for the Protection of Fauna and the Italian Constitution ". The environmental associations Lac, Lav, WWF, Cabs, Lipu, Enpa and Legambiente write it in a joint note. "The two laws will be fully controllable for the loss of income, both for the criminal court and for the Court of Auditors, with the corresponding responsibilities towards the directors – the NGOs added – We call on the president of the Attilio region Fontana for the two proposals for law, and for the regional council members so that they do not fall into the trap imposed on them by the hunters ".

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