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(ANSA) – BARI, 01 SET – "But there was something to take with me
slaps. "So the commissioner for public works in the region
Puglia, Giovanni Giannini (Pd), referring to the minister for the
Sud, Barbara Lezzi (M5S), who quarreled at Bari last July
on the Tap gas pipeline with the Governor of Pugliese, Michele Emiliano
(Pd). The commissioner pronounces the sentence in a video published by
& # 39; Borederline 24 & # 39; who took it to the mayor during his visit
of Bari Antonio Decaro (Pd), the garden of an air cleaner in the
Apulian capital. Giannini and Decaro do it in the video
reference to the press conference in which Emiliano and Lezzi
they argued because the governor of Puglia had asked for help
Facebook to the pentastellato Di Battista to move the landing of the
Tap pipeline of Melendugno beach (Lecce). A request
that Lezzi called a "beautiful scenario". "Rude," he replied
Emiliano. In the video Decaro tells Giannini: "I saw that at one
you got up at a certain moment in the conference. "" But he answers
the commissioner – it was stuff to hit her. & # 39;


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