Crazed boat crashes against the coast against dozens of fearful swimmers. VIDEO AND PHOTO – Report

Trieste, motorboat against a wall: the moment of the crash The motorboat launched at full speed, the shouting of the swimmers, the bang against the wall and then the fire of flames and smoke: here in the video posted on Facebook of the report by Nevio Vione, the dramatic moments of the impact that occurred on Saturday afternoon August 18 in Filters, on the Triestin coast. The ship was left unattended (thrown into the sea). No injuries on the coast. READ THE ARTICLE AND SEE OTHER VIDEO & SIGNS & PHOTOGRAPHS

TRIESTE A boat without control collapsed against the shore against a wall, a few feet from the frightened swimmers, and caught fire, leaving a thick column black smoke came up. It happened yesterday afternoon at the Spiaggia dei Filtri, along the Costiera Triestina, before the eyes of dozens of people. Fortunately, the final budget only speaks of an injured person, the owner of the crazy motorboat. The man – a 48-year-old from Trieste whose generals were not revealed – was burned in a non-serious way.

Everything happened around the fifteen. Around that time, according to the reconstruction of the rescuers and the story of the witnesses, a man on a motorboat, while he was starting to rise, felt a strong heat and immediately noticed after the presence of a fire principle at the stern, near the fuel tank. . He then tried to extinguish the flames, but without success.

Sad, crazy motorboat crashes on the beach at the filters The impressive succession of the accident at sea where a motorless motorboat crashed at full speed and took fire in the middle of the swimmers on the beach at Filters, along the Costiera Triestina. In the first part of the video, sent by the reader Tommaso Cavalier, we see that the small boat is being pushed underneath the mussel floats by a sudden insane outboard motor just off the coast; in the second part – shot by the reader Manuel Paradisi – the motorboat quickly crosses the coast on the rocks and collapses. Reading: "On board there was only one person who, before the vehicle arrived on the ground, dived into the water" – Video: What is left of the ship

At that moment, afraid, he then plunged into the water sea without turning off the engine. The boat, devoid of control and launched at full speed, began to wander in the water, first to the Miramare castle by touching some boats, and then passing parallel to the Spiaggia dei Filtri, where about a hundred people were found. The motorboat then made another turn and drove straight to the marina by growing mussels. Finally, perhaps after being hit by a trash can, he changed direction again, on his way to the beach and collided with a wall a few meters away from the swimmers.

Trieste, the wreck of the motorboat landed on the rocks and set on fire

The men of the coast guard intervened immediately, the firefighters who continued to extinguish the fire and the agents of the police. The man who left the boat was found by other water sportsmen who accompanied him to the marina, where he was loaded onto an ambulance and taken to Cattinara to check the seriousness of the reported burns. There is no danger of life.

So much fear among the bathers on the beach and in the nearby bar, and with the sailors on board the boats who have seen shocks along the crazy ship.


Trieste, what has been crashed from the boat at the filters Firefighters have succeeded in extinguishing the flames that broke out in the boat that collided with the reef of the filters. This happened after the boat, without any control, walked for several minutes in the water basin in front of the beach. Apart from the pilot of the boat, who suffered from fire and was transported to the Cattinara hospital, all other bathers remained unharmed. Video by Massimo Silvano. Read: "On board there was only one person who dived into the water before the vehicle arrived on the ground" – Video: Crazed motorboat collapses on the filters

The surveys, on the one moment of administrative character, are the responsibility of the captains and are primarily intended to determine what the cause of the fire was: at present it is not excluded that fuel can escape by a wave that is by another boat made. The owner of the boat, in the very first testimony to the researchers, spoke of a loud sound and very intense flames that forced him to throw himself into the sea.

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