Crazed boat crashes to the filters against the cliff and barrel fire VIDEO AND PHOTO – Report

Trieste, motorboat against a wall: the moment of the crash The motorboat launched at full speed, the shouting of the swimmers, the bang against the wall and then the fire of flames and smoke: here in the video posted on Facebook of the report by Nevio Vione, the dramatic moments of the impact that occurred on Saturday afternoon August 18 in Filters, on the Triestin coast. The ship was left unattended (thrown into the sea). No injuries on the coast. READ THE ARTICLE AND SEE OTHER VIDEO & SIGNS & PHOTOGRAPHS

TRIESTE An unmanned boat on board crashed around today 16, Saturday, August 18, against the cliffs of the beach Filtri along the Costiera triestina after having touched three other boats. On board – initially – there was only one person who, long before the vehicle reached the ground, dived into the water. The sailor, who looks burnt, was transported by ambulance to the Cattinara First Aid. On the spot, the Port Authority of Trieste warned firefighters and the state police.

Trieste, crazy motorboat crashes on the beach near the filters The impressive succession of the shipping accident in which an unscheduled motorboat crashed at full speed and caught fire by the swimmers on the beach at the Filters, along the Costiera triestina. In the first part of the video, sent by the reader Tommaso Cavalier, we see that the small boat is being pushed underneath the mussel floats by a sudden insane outboard motor just off the coast; in the second part – reversed by the reader Krizia Carli – the speedboat tip the bank very quickly and crashes on the rocks, burning

From what the same pilot told the first swimmers who helped him, the man came from the harbor to board of the ship. Suddenly he realized that a fire was developing in the boat. At that moment he tried to turn it off, but when he failed, he just plunged into the water.

Trieste, what is still crashed from the boat at the Filters Firefighters managed to extinguish the flames that broke out in the boat against the cliff of the filters. This happened after the boat, without any control, walked for several minutes in the water basin in front of the beach. Apart from the pilot of the boat, who suffered from burns and was transported to Cattinara, all other swimmers remained unharmed. Video by Massimo Silvano

A version to verify: both from the video's and from the collected testimonies on the beach and in the vicinity, there is no fire on board, while the motorboat actually catches fire and after the impact destroyed by the flames

Trieste, the wreck of the motorboat ended on the rocks and set on fire

The vehicle, "crazy", at high speed and without control, flanked the beach, then turned into the mussel farm and touched three or four moored boats. Eventually it collapsed perpendicularly against a wall of a house on the edge of the Spiaggia dei Filtri, a stone's throw from the swimmers who immediately turn away.

  Picture by Massimo Silvano
Picture by Massimo Silvano

La Capitaneria di porto of Trieste has opened an administrative investigation into the accident. The naval vessels of the Port Authority and the fire brigade of Trieste came to the scene of the accident, along with personnel from the Coast Guard who got off the ground.

The fire brigade took measures to extinguish the fire and secure the fire by removing the fuel on board; the pilot of the small boat, repaired at sea by two water sportsmen, was taken aboard in the nearby marina and entrusted to the health service staff 118, who led him to Cattinara.


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