Crollo ponte Genova, 74 houses offered by individuals. Also in Saint Tropez – Liguria

Houses also in Geneva and Grenoble. Some offers have been rejected

So far 74 apartments have been made available by private Genoese citizens for the displaced Morandi bridge. In the list, which is updated, made public by the city of Genoa (which in recent days has assessed the many offers that have been received on the e-mail that has been drawn up by the city), there are houses that are functional for the needs of citizens who have been displaced from Via Porro and Via Del Campasso. But also some curiosities: some offers have been rejected. There were people who had proposed for displaced houses in Geneva, Grenoble and Saint Tropez. Among those & # 39; Genoese & # 39; there are studio & # 39; s plus services or houses of more than 150 square meters in the residential area of ​​Albaro but especially in Valpolcevera, Certosa, Rivarolo, Teglia, Sampierdarena, in neighborhoods as close to Via Fillak as possible. The offices of the municipality try to create the right combinations between displaced families and the owners of the available accommodation.


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