De Magistris: "Ready to work with Floro Flores"

If the choice of entrepreneur Francesco Floro Flores as new Commissioner for Bagnoli "must be the choice ratified by the Council of Ministers, we are already one minute later ready to sit down, not only with the government, but also with the new Commissioner not to lose not even a day in Bagnoli ". This is explained by the Mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris, who takes note of the government's wish "to replace Commissioner Nastasi with another Commissioner".

Floro Flores, adds the Magistris, "we can only wish that he not only works hard, but also guarantees him the highest level of institutional cooperation, convinced that this choice is the level of institutional cooperation between the government and the city of Bagnoli can consolidate and strengthen, among others – remembers the Magistris – with Floro Flores we have already experimented with common working methods in the interest of the city and we know that it is a competent, courageous entrepreneur with a passion for the city of Naples, and we We all know that passion, even in difficulties, becomes a decisive element for solving the problems of our city. " Floro Flores manages, among other things, the Flegrea Arena, where Claudio de Magistris, the brother of the mayor and the former secretary of "Dema", the political movement of the first citizen, is director.

With the Commissioner Salvo Nastasi, the Magistris continues, "initially, when there was an attempt to get Bagnoli with the Sbloccaitalia and with the appointment of the commissioner, not elected by us, there was a very difficult period of conflict. struggle for the defense of the city was won by the administration, the city council, the municipality, the movements and the citizens, began a phase of institutional cooperation, especially with the Gentiloni government, which saw them all active and loyal and with the same Nastasi we worked in a climate of good institutional cooperation, which also allowed the best possible agreement to be achieved thanks to the work of everyone and in particular the government and the municipality of Naples ".

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