Di Battista & # 39; s show from Guatemala challenges the competition and breaks out of «Luigi»

MARINA DI PIETRASANTA (Lucca)Between the applause that a Luigi Di Maio in blue dress rejects and the ovation that a Alessandro Di Battista in a forest green t-shirt greets, he passes a few seconds. But between the absolute leader of the movement and the most beloved among the five-star people there is no contact, not even virtual. And while during the video interview with Peter Gomez the former deputy several times & # 39; Luigi & # 39; will praise because he is careful not to openly compete with & # 39; & # 39; Deputy Prime Minister, the distance between the two remains as large as the ocean that separates them: "But did Luigi leave? I wanted to say hello … I give him a huge hug. & # 39;

Return «Dibba», for now only in connection with Guatemala with the party of the Daily fact. Back on the political scene and while confirming support for the government, he challenges Matteo Salvini openly and ends up at Di Maio. The camera frames a vintage fan and a wicker armchair, then grinds on the grill that for three months, sneakers and guevarista beard, runs through the America's sending reportage to the newspaper Marco Travaglio: "I am far away, I read the first few pages on the internet … »He reads and gets angry because he has the impression that the establishment and the press find the League" less dangerous than the M5S "and Salvini" like Churchill " painting and the pentastellati as "sfigatelli who can not do politics." But it is not so, gesturing with "Dibba", dedicated to reassuring Di Maio: "Sublocal Luigi? I do not think so." The M5S has to hold out, but even with the Benetton Luigi it was very heavy ».

Yet it drives the attention of an entomologist with which the failed leader of the movement keeps an eye on the chosen one. When he says that the vice-premier "does well" in the Autostrade file, he urges him not to let his hatred of nationalization go astray: "Giorgetti does Ammuina, he says we are going slowly … Oh no, let's slowly go a c …! About Autostrade and citizenship income will show if the League is different, or if it is still the Maronian League camouflaged ».

The tone is combative, the electric talk. And when Gomez asks if it is true that he meditates to fight for the European elections to stop the flight of votes from the 5 Stars League, the Di Battista journalist gets angry: "Who wrote it," is that stuff? ? He says he does not read the polls and shows that he does not have to be afraid to overtake the League: "We'll see if it's really 30%." And even in the area of ​​migrants, the warning of the foreign interviewee to Di Maio not to pursue Salvini, for him the slogan "useless propaganda" and the insistence on the handcuffs for the ship Diciotti makes him smile: "Salvini plays his propaganda game and he knows how to handle it has to do. Have you seen how it causes? Investigate me, I'm here, I risk thirty years in prison … I do not risk anything. "

Fans in live social evoke the return of the "great warrior"but in the park of the old villa La Versiliana, where D & # 39; Annunzio sang the "tamerici salmastre and the ass", not all seem happy when Di Battista states that "the Democratic Party is a dead party" and ensures that " there were no alternatives to the contract with the League ». As Miguel Gotor will explain, invited to speak about Aldo Moro, "this audience is largely our people we have lost". People from "Dibba" expected greater harmony with the ideas of President Roberto Fico, which was not marked by Salvini and Di Maio on the Odyssey of the eighteen. Instead, the most descamisado Grigini sees no links between racism, xenophobia and it & # 39; confiscated & # 39; ship with its cargo of desperate migrants.

There is still time to end to the "shameful and useless" war in Afghanistan, to warn the M5S not to give in to the "stupid, idiotic" Tav and Macron attack, who "makes the beautiful and witty person" but does not know Diebattista ever " the colonialist France in Africa. "And the crane pipeline? "I do not think that if we do not, Trump sends us the F16 … If they treat us by archers, it's because the governments of the last 30 years have behaved like archers, we are Italy, a little national pride." Half an hour ahead of the problems of our country is too much for an aspiring leader who invites us to "read the world from a global point of view" and shows the ticket for the next phase: "Now Sahra, Andrea and I cross Belize by bus and we go to Guatemala to celebrate my son's birthday, there's Renzi here with me … "Laughter (and applause).

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