Di Battista waves the anti-corruption banner against the League

Draw a groove almost as large as the ocean that separates them. It is not the first time that Alessandro Di Battista uses burning tones against Guatemala's ally, but now, in contrast to the past, the most passive grill of all the worlds, as if it were a weapon of destruction, the flag of justice and anti-corruption against the League. And it does so in a way that is so impetuous that it creates more than any shame at the top M5's who do not want to break with the government's ally and at the same time be aware that a frond is waiting for the return of the former M5 deputy.

Although during the broadcast "Eight and a half" Di Battista repeatedly praises his friend Luigi Di Maio, it is clear that it will now be more difficult for the vice-premier grillino to cover this groove in the 5 Star Movement because Di Battista gets hit where it hurts more. This is about justice, the theme that is most important for the M5. The attack on the League is then very difficult for the money to be deposited: "Make the theft to the last cent. There is no political punishment, but when?". The anti-corruption legislation, just like the center, the insinuation, is poisonous: "A call from San Raffaele came to Salvini because the pressure had risen to Berlusconi, but when the train has come to a standstill, and even the nationalization of Autostrade: do not listen to Giorgetti ".

And if that was not enough, just a few minutes after Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte made sure that the government will last until the end of the legislature, the revolutionary grill with a combative tone says "I do not know" when it's five year will last "I hope this does not take effect, but do good things".

On the tops of pentastellati, the words of Di Battista appeared as an "anger" against the party led by Salvini. That there is a little bit of cold between Di Maio and the leader of the League gives Salvini herself & # 39; we have not heard it for four days, but we always write & # 39 ;. In the midst of the clash between the two, the words of the Premier of the Northern League against the magistrates and the resulting wall were lifted by the political leader M5s and the Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede. "But – explain pentastellate springs close to Di Maio – we called on the sentence, we did not personally attack Salvini." So "Di Battista has spoken in private, not chosen".

Now Di Battista, far from the government, in a white shirt with the ground behind him to hoe where he serves in Guatemala, insinuated not only between Di Maio and Salvini, but especially within the movement. So much so that the League leader himself does not seem to have disappeared: "These are things within the M5 & # 39; s … I shoot right, do not give up".

On the day the polls do not reward the 5Stelle, indeed mark the distance of the League in the lead, Di Battista thus puts the pentastellati who are with the government again the line of purity. Then he adds: "I think Salvini is pumped through the media system in a shameful way, they do it because M5s is much more afraid, but we are not four subaltern sfigatelli: forward with hardness, extreme rigor and intransigence." .

While Di Maio is being defended, for example on Ilva, the League's argument is that the sinking from Guatemala has the political goal of weakening leader M5. "Di Battista talks like Renzi and Saviano, he attacks Salvini to hit Di Maio," replies the leader of the Lega Massimiliano Romeo. The Leagueists, who do not hide the irritation, call the suspicion: Di Battista attacks the League to open a passage for a new majority of the government M5s-Pd ?, Is the doubt of a parliamentarian. Di Battista denies: "Luigi and I are inextricably linked". And he concludes with the announcement that he will return in December. He will not flee the European elections, but in Rome he can continue digging the big groove in M5s. The front that separates the governors from the League and the discontent.

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