Di Maio: Salvini continues, but we respect the work of the pm. Cei: no politics on the skin of the poor

The day after the news of the entry in the register of suspects of Matteo Salvini for the story of the ship Diciotti,
comes the remark from the other vice-minister of the yellow-green government, Luigi Di Maio.
Minister Salvini continues – the feeling of a post published by the Minister of Labor and Economic Development – why?
has not violated the ethical code of the contract and of the five stars. The government assumes the political responsibility for choices
made on the suitcase of the ship Diciotti but, Di Maio emphasizes, to distance himself from the harsh tones used by the secretary of the
League against Agrigento's public prosecutors who have decided to register in the register of suspects, there must be full respect for the action of the judiciary for which you do not have to attack the prosecutors. The leader
League knows that he received nearly one hundred thousand tweets from last night #nessunotocchiSalvini! Thank you, you are great!
– writes -. I do not give up, I guarantee it.

Meanwhile, the bishops of the IEC are admonishing the government: You can not do politics on the skin of the poor. And they explain that they have decided to welcome some of the eighteen migrants
to unlock a stalemate that has become untenable for everyone.

Salvini: Wednesday examination procedure in Palermo
Meanwhile, the judges of Agrigento
they would have to hand in the investigation file to the officer of Palermo on Wednesday, who must then turn the documents around & # 39; to the competent court. The shipment must take place within 15 days after receipt of the documents from the Public Prosecution Service of Agrigento. The collegiate body
ad hoc, compiled by the researchers Fabio Pilato and Filippo Serio and by the supervisory judge Giuseppe Sidoti,
arose as required by law, has 90 days, completed preliminary investigations and heard the prosecutor, for
decide whether the documents must be submitted or sent to the public prosecutor's office, because the latter asks permission to continue with the Senate
because Salvini is a senator.

Near the migrants, here are the new rules

Hot autumn and budget law
But Di Maio also talks about something else, in particular the resumption of parliamentary activities and the budget law. autumn
it will be very hot, if the summer has been, you can not imagine what the autumn will look like, with the strong powers they are doing to us
the war now. The government, he assures, intends to make a bold budget law that will make the i
citizens, but if they treated us so much about immigration in Europe, I imagine what they will do on the accounts.

Compact government
The vice-premier of pentastellato wants to keep the voices of a break in the management silent for the story of migrants
which was closed yesterday, after a standstill of days, with the availability of Albania, Ireland and the church to the
refugees. These days – comments Di Maio – the compactness of the government is not lacking. I must thank the Minister for Foreign Affairs
Moavero and the Prime Minister Conte because we have done a team game that will be very important for other emergency situations. we are
to stay compact, also because you had to negotiate with other countries. The government was compact
about the decisions taken. No reference, however, to the leader of the League.

Salvini and compliance with the ethical code of the government contract
The Minister Salvini investigated and I believe that – according to the political leader of the five-star movement – a duty is owed
Minister of the Interior, as the holder of the relevant decisions. How do you behave in these cases? There is the ethical code of ministers in our contract and according to the ethics code of ministers and 5 Stars movement the minister must remain a minister. our duty
implementation of the election program, but also the right of the judiciary to continue the legal proceedings. than
full respect for the judiciary and we do not immerse this country in the clashes between prosecutors, prosecutors and politicians.

Do not attack the pm
Di Maio adds: We assume our responsibilities as a government that is aware of the fact that we have aroused interest
nationally and we will defend ourselves for the decisions we have made but not for this now that we have to attack them
pm that continue their work. We can arrest the prosecutors who arrest a gangster and then do not applaud the same afternoon
continue with research, let's say it is not good. We have always said that institutions must be respected.

Disappointed by Europe, but willing to repent when showing signs of help
Then there is the chapter Europe. The European Union has been very disappointed – says Di Maio – what they have done over the past few days
It was really crazy. We will draw the consequences: we will veto the budget of the next European Council. Not the
we will give more money. They ruined it. We are working on the veto but now there
we look at all European measures of these months and everything that does not suit us is blocked. And Ceta the first
we may have to arrive in class because we have to reject ratification. If the European Union gives us signs of help
not only about migrants, but also about the fight against poverty and unemployment, with the income of citizenship, with the possibility
to eliminate the Fornero law, we could repent, he added

The IEC: an unsustainable impasse for everyone
Ivan Maffeis, spokesman for the Italian episcopal conference, has warned the poor
(CEI), which has decided to welcome and welcome 100 of the migrants stranded today on board the ship Diciotti. The risk of exploitation of the poor, even if a sincere and sincere response is requested in a just way, remains true.
high. – The government used these people to force Europe somewhat to a reaction
weak. Maffeis explained the offer to welcome the refugees and explained that the bishops decided to go into it
stalemate that had become untenable for everyone. See these people on a docked Italian ship
on our shores and unable to get off, was even an unbearable situation from a humanitarian point of view.

The solidarity of Berlusconi
The former prime minister and ally (at least locally) Silvio Berlusoni expresses his closeness with Matteo Salvini, whose absurd and inconsistent
legal case, it will only have a favorable result. Again the court has intervened
on an exclusive political affair, in which it must not interfere in any way.

Renzi: double morality of Di Maio, civil disgrace
In the meantime, a tweet from 2016 will be relaunched on the social networks in which Luigi Di Maio has applied for the resignation of Angelino Alfano.
that he had been investigated for abuse of his office. Of MAIO Answers on Facebook: Mica needs a questionnaire to resign
Alfano! Alfano must resign as such, he had already done enough. Now a private citizen and I do not want it
rages. Matteo Renzi attacks: we do not ask DiMaio to have #Salvini "removed in 5 minutes". No! We say
only for Di Maio is his # DuploMorale a shameful disgrace. And that cheating of the opponents via the web when it is useful, does not
politics, but barbarism. They spoke honestly, they had to discover civilization.

Di Maio: nationalization of highways
The political leader of the 5-star movement also speaks of the tragedy of Genoa: the Morandi Bridge – says Di Maio – can not
motorways, but at the most put the money, but it must be a state-owned company, so that we can check the quality
of reconstruction. We will also determine the highway contracts and remove the concessions. We are convinced then
the nationalization of motorways. Nobody wants to give the Benetton the Italian motorways back to the government.

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