"Do not wear a t-shirt with our symbol"

to the Alpini it does not go down that the Minister of Home Affairs Matteo Salvini have worn their shirt with the symbols of the Centennial Gathering on public occasions.

The National Alpine Association rejects the choice of Deputy Prime Minister to appear, even on TV, with the pool of black feathers.

"As a result of recent events related to the use of our brands and symbols by people outside the National Alpine Association and sometimes play institutional, political or otherwise public roles, Ana – reads the note – repeats and reaffirms what is indicated in article 2 of our statute, namely that the association is not a party ". "

It is therefore confirmed – continues the association – that any possible juxtaposition of our symbols with political situations, political figures or anything else is absolutely not promoted nor sought by the Ana ".

To trigger the controversy, Luigi Boffi, president of the Milan branch of the National Alpine Association, would repeat his "indignation" to the national president: "It's about our credibility, our autonomy, our seriousness. we are not the National Alpine Association to follow the League, but in case Salvini never rambles with the sincere feeling and without other false goals of our Alpine, "he said.

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