Earthquake in Naples, two shocks with epicenter in Pozzuoli: no damage

Two earthquakes were felt by the population in Pozzuoli, in the province of Naples, and in the whole area of ​​burns late on Tuesday evening. The first, also accompanied by a roar, at 23:36 with a magnitude of 2.5; the second a few minutes later, of lower intensity.

The hypocenter was only 2 km deep, according to the studies of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (Ingv); epicenter the area between the Solfatara and the Pisciarelli area.

The earthquake was felt both in the area of ​​Pozzuoli Alta and on the entire Burning Coast from the Bagnoli district in Naples to Arco Felice and inland to Quarto. No damage to persons or property is reported.

The movements of this night follow the shocks felt in the morning of last Friday with the epicenter always near the Solfatara.

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