Eighteen, 17 arrivals after health inspection. Salvini: identification on board

CATANIA. Up to seventeen people disembarked from the ship Diciotti for hygienic reasons: it was decided after the health inspection that was carried out on board this morning. To get rid of the ship eleven women and six men. They are transferred to the Garibaldi hospital in Catania. Women are transferred to the gynecology department in pink code. The group also includes three men in the hospital for suspected tuberculosis and two men with pneumonia. Five men have scabies and sixth urinary tract infections and are transferred to the Biocontainment Center Garibaldi. Medical evacuation was necessary because of the risk of infection and promiscuity.

In the meantime, the hearing of two officials of the Viminale under the leadership of the public prosecutors of Agrigento has ended. The interview, which lasted more than three hours, was held in the offices of the public prosecutor's office in Rome. The two officials were heard as people informed of the facts, as part of the investigation into the detention of migrants on board the eighteen. The prosecutors commit against unknown persons for kidnapping and illegal arrest. The provisional operation was carried out by the chief prosecutor of Agrigento, Luigi Patronaggio. The magistrate left Piazzale Clodio on board the service car without making any statements.

The story of the ship Diciotti could now also be brought to the attention of the Supreme Court of the judiciary. The council members Valerio Fracassi, Claudio Galoppi, Aldo Morgigni and Luca Palamara in fact demand that the question be included in the agenda of the first plenum of the CSM, which will be held on 5 September. "The events relating to the detention on board the ship Diciotti have established interventions by members of the political world and institutions, including with regard to ongoing judicial investigations, and verification of compliance with the rules is a must in the interest of the institutions ", say the four togati. "The interventions we have witnessed, of origin, tone and content – they underline – are likely to have a negative effect on the regular execution of the ongoing investigations We believe that the intervention of the CSM is necessary to ensure the independence of to protect the judiciary and the proper functioning of the activities of research ". The Vice-President of the CSM Giovanni Legnini informs us of the merit of the request of the council members who will assist the committee of the first Presidency in the coming days. "Our goal – says Legnini – is solely to ensure the independence of the judiciary and the peaceful execution of investigations and all judicial activities, without gaining ground in the field of evaluations and decisions made to the executive and judicial authorities".

For the 150 migrants who spent another night on the deck of the ship Diciotti. And yet no communication from Rome. Last night the umpteenth request for permission to land was sent to the Viminale by the command of the coast guard ship. The document states that part of the migrants announced their intention to conduct the hunger strike, that the ship soldier intercepted the request to show a patrol boat sign with the inscription in English. & # 39; Please help us & # 39; (please help us).

The tension on board increases with the day. "Many ask for psychological help, they are stressed, tired and tested," says Paola Ottaviano, who is engaged in providing legal assistance to migrants and yesterday she climbed on the Diciotti with the former deputy Stefano Fassina.

Today in the port of Catania a big anti-racist demonstration is planned: "let's turn them off", the slogan of the rally organized by the anti-racist network, Legambiente, Pax Christi, Cobas, Arci, Anpi, No Muos and social centers .

But perhaps today will be the day on which the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, who continues to ban the landing, could try to announce the solution he proposed yesterday, to Zapping, the radio broadcast Rai: "I evaluate the the possibility to carry out identification and recognition procedures to identify real refugees who are the minority of the fake refugees even before the people disembark. "

The minister thinks of carrying out the checks that normally take months in the identification centers: the procedure for recognizing a right is in fact necessarily long and complex. But here in Catania official communication of the Viminale is expected, so far this has never happened: even the stop at the landing was not decided with a formal law and therefore the prosecutor of Agrigento is being investigated.

In the meantime, two lawyers from Molise, Salvatore and Giuliano Di Pardo have urgently appealed to the Tar of Catania on behalf of two humanitarian associations, the Alterego Diritti onlus and K-Alma. According to lawyers, keeping migrants illegal is illegal because they are already on the national territory and because they do not know the formal actions that would prevent the landing. "As a result of the appeal – the lawyers declare – the ministry will have to defend itself and appear before the court to produce the provision, which has also been asked to appear before the administrative court, which will also help the magistrates of the prosecutor ".

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