Eighteen, Cav defends Salvini: "From the public prosecutor's office pm"

"I express my proximity Matteo Salvini whose absurd and inconsistent judicial affair can only have a solution that is favorable to him. "Silvio Berlusconi expresses his opinion on the decision of Agrigento's attorney to enter the register of suspects Matteo Salvini and his chief of staff for the ship's story Diciotti.

The facts are now known. Yesterday morning Luigi Patronaggio went to Rome to meet the officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the ship Diciotti, stayed for five days moored in the port of Catania waiting for the political impasse to be lifted. Then, in the evening, the frozen shower for Matteo Salvini: the prosecutor decided to investigate it and passed it on to the Court of Ministers, the only person in charge of the case. OK. Today, the Democratic Party has asked Di Maio not to use "double ethics" and to ask for the resignation for the League, just as Luigino did for Alfano. The grill, however, has chosen the government colleague, even if he distanced himself from Salvini's lunges against the public prosecutor and the judges.

The Minister of the Interior was very difficult last night of Pinzolo. In his demonstration he spoke to Agrigento's prosecutor who said he was ready to be arrested, and then he criticized those judges who investigate who "defends the borders of the homeland" but do not protrude "for the collapse of the bridge of Genoa. " Finally, when he addressed all magistrates, he asked those who planned to do politics & # 39; join the Democratic Party & # 39; and not from the offices of the Prosecution.

And so today too Berlusconi he expressed his solidarity with the leader of the League. "Once again, the court has intervened on an exclusive political affair that is absolutely not to be bothered," said the Forza Italia leader.

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