Eighteen, Malta to Salvini: the answer. Fico: «Extracting migrants»

On the eighteen docked in the port of Catania, with 177 migrants on board, the situation is becoming increasingly critical. an inspection was carried out as part of the open investigation into the detention of rescued refugees. At the end of the check, the Agrigento lawyer Luigi Patronaggio said: There are several cases of scabies. In any case, the 29 unaccompanied minors have the right to disembark according to international treaties and Italian law. We must make a careful assessment, he added, politics has all the legitimacy to make decisions, but these decisions can not clash, contrary to the provisions of the Italian Constitution and the Penal Code. The hypothesis of illegal detention of people on board confirms this. stand. And the crime of kidnapping in person? There are evaluations that must be carefully made regarding the hypothesis of deprivation of personal freedom and we will do them. a situation of potential illegality that we are still considering. When are they? It does not depend on me. I have simply verified a situation. There are ongoing investigations, always against unknown ….

Count: Without the Coast Guard many would die

But does Europe want to make a difference? The European institutions, which at my request have accepted the idea of ​​a "control room" that is useful to manage the emergency situations of landings, what are they waiting to intervene for the redistribution of migrants aboard the Italian ship Diciotti? , to anchor, anchored in the port of Catania ?. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte wrote it on Twitter, after waiting a day for the fate of 177 migrants. Again, Italy, the President of the Council, shows his humanitarian face, but the prize can not be left to itself. Over the past few days, our coastguard has collected the SOS from a boat with migrants from Lampedusa, in addition to the Maltese waters Sar, and immediately provided humanitarian aid, in which thirteen people who were in a critical state and came aboard the ship, on the spot. came Eighteen left 177. If we had not intervened, many people would have died.

Martina: Count exercises his functions

On the words of the prime minister, Maurizio Martina, secretary of the Democratic Party, responded in Catania: the Prime Minister is limited to preaching propaganda with a function. I address him. Train its functions and governments with respect for the law and the constitution. Place the landing of these 177 hostages. Do not look for excuses that you do not have. What I have to say here is that we are witnessing the inability of a government to manage a situation that can be managed in a different way. an incredible situation that proves their inability and that this "turning point" that they have protested in the newspapers is not because there is no redistribution. I ask the ruling majority for a shock of dignity because you can not hold 170 people and hold them in this situation.

Fig.: The 177 must land

The political confrontation had started earlier. The president of the room, Roberto Fico, said: The 177 people on board the 18 must get off. The right negotiations with the countries of the European Union can be continued without problems, migrants can no longer be kept on board. Words that are in stark contrast to what the government has supported so far. After the Democratic Party and left Italy to be invaded by more than 700 thousand immigrants, would it be "embarrassing" that I would be? I do not give up friends, and I go on, repeated the Minister of Home Affairs, Matteo Salvini. The Democratic Party that judges Fico's intervention grabs useless and hypocritical about the affair. Do one thing president: call the secretary of the Interior and make sure that these people leave their usual useless and hypocritical intervention. Not enough a tweet per month to save face and conscience, writes the deputy Alessia Morani.

The collision with Malta

Malta is also opposed to the government that answers the accusations of Salvini and Toninelli. The Maltese authorities have contacted the Italian authorities to fulfill their commitments as soon as possible. However, the Italian authorities have not provided tangible procedures for Malta. On the other hand, unfortunately Italy has not yet honored its commitments on the redistribution mechanism, according to a statement released by Interior Minister Michael Farrugia. Of the 450 immigrants disembarked in Pozzallo in July, Malta had agreed to accept 50: it took zero – the Italian Deputy Prime Minister had said – in short, everyone is trying to gain time. Thesis also supported by the Minister of Infrastructure, Danilo Toninelli, who, speaking of the survivors rescued by Diciotti, had declared: Malta had to intervene, it did not and then we thought of saving lives, even if we were in the Maltese sea goods. Immediate replica of Valletta.

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