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No formal orders have been issued for the blockade of the Diciotti ship and for the landing, after ten days, of the migrants who were rescued in Malta in August. Another critical point, after that of competence, emerges in the investigation of the Ministers of Justice on Matteo Salvini, accused of kidnapping an aggravated person. The reconstruction of the "command structure" it confronts the problem of omissionNo one would have stopped the military ship with clearly formulated provisions.

And no one would have indicated the port of Catania as a landing place. This does not mean that, according to the orientation of Agrigento's lawyer Luigi Patronaggio, it is not possible to identify the hierarchical responsibilities. of an illegal order that is not on the due forms or that is only foreshadowed.

For this reason, the prosecutor asked the court of ministers, chaired by Fabio Pilato, to hear all the topics related to the "command structure" of the commander of the Eighteen, captain of the Frigate Massimo Kothmeir. Appear in the list also the chief of staff of Salvini, Matteo Piantedosi, who had classified the prosecutors of Agrigento as having been examined while it is a witness for Palermo; the commanders of the port authorities of Porto Empedocle and of Catania; the manager of the maritime district office of Lampedusa; the head of the civil liberties department, Gerarda Pantalone, and his deputy Bruno Corda.

Before examining Salvini, the only person and examining the texts, the court of ministers questions the papers to solve the knot of competence. It would remain in Palermo if it turned out that the landing block had started in the waters of Lampedusa, but passed to Catania if the detention of the migrants on board had been decided after docking in that port. The timing of the research is made longer by the lack of a precise order. Between the eighteen, the commands from the coastguard and the ministry of internal affairs were present only contacts and exchange of generic information. It is now time to determine when, where and who decided to dismiss migrants who had meanwhile become a political cause.


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