Eighteen, Salvini: "Children can go down, others with my permission do not land anyone"

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The Minister of Home Affairs in a direct Facebook has it for everyone: the initiative of the prosecutor of Agrigento who has investigated against unknown persons for kidnapping, replies: "I am not & # 39; unfamiliar & # 39 ;, which will me process". Saviano? "Nonsense." "Fico is the President of the Chamber". Former Prime Minister Gentiloni: too bad. Count: Europe intervenes


"If there are gods children they can now go down, others do not land with my permission. If they want to intervene, the President of the Republic or the Prime Minister will do this, but not with my permission ", says Interior Minister Matteo Salvini in direct FB about the ship Diciotti and added:" I go a step further, despite Europe is cowardly and quiet. Italy is a country with a big heart, where voluntary associations count on millions of cute and irreplaceable people. Children, yes, but for the twentieth, the handsome, robust and vaccinated 30-year-olds, enough, ready, nisba ".

"Confiscation of the person"
"I am here, I am no stranger, my name is Matteo Salvini, a professional journalist on leave, I am a Minister of Home Affairs." I am no stranger, "says the minister, commenting on the Agrigento prosecutor's initiative that he is considering the crime hypothesis of kidnapping, against unknown persons." I am Minister of the Interior of this country with the precise mandate to defend the borders of this country, to ensure safety. If the blocking of one, two, three, four or five ships is accompanied by accusations and processes, there are ".

In Fico: each has its own
"You are President of the House and I am a minister with a very specific government program and contract," he said to the chairman of the room, Roberto Fico, who asked this morning to let all migrants land. "" Bertinotti, Fini, Boldrini, Fico … I suspect it is not a happy load. "And about the information:" The buffaloes on live national television from & # 39; in the morning to & # 39; in the evening, on Rai and privately, luckily there is the Net. they are true and false news, but you can understand it and you have the remote control ".

Fico & # 39; s answer
"Good news that the government has decided to let minors come in. For me, it means being president of the chamber to ensure that the state never renounces fundamental principles and human dignity." I was chosen to do so and waived the salary. as president ". And & # 39; Roberto Fico's answer, on twitter, to the words of Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini.

Gentiloni: the minister is not above the law
"The Minister of the Interior is not above the law, he does not lead the government, he does not order the coast guard, he decides not about the mercy for the children and condemns the adults." Eighteen national shame. "The former Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni writes on Twitter.

Count: Europe beats a blow
"But Europe wants to make a difference?" It is the appeal of the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte who warns in a post: "Again Italy shows its humanitarian face, but the price can not be left to itself". "The European institutions, which at my request had accepted the idea of ​​a control room, what are they waiting to intervene to re-anchor the migrants on board the Italian ship Diciotti, anchored in the port of Catania?" , He adds.

Saviano: this is kidnapping
"The government has imprisoned 177 people, and Diciotti, who was unable to disembark with the Ministry of the Interior, who was on board for 5 days, represents a very serious and illegal case of a multi-state kidnapping". He writes it on social media Roberto Saviano. The journalist and writer then wrote: "If there are still parliamentarians worthy of the name (even the M5S, despite the horrible submission to Salvini on the subject), go to Catania and climb on the Diciotti to see what happens conditions and the shame of this government ".

Minister's response: "Fesserie"
About the "report of kidnapping" of which Saviano wrote, Minister Salvini answers via social media. With a tweet, the deputy prime minister replies: "The summer is coming to an end and the nonsense of Saviano is coming back!" Was it missing? Minister Salvini later published a commentary on the events that took place in the port. "In Catania, too, there were a lot of demonstrators who still want immigrants … We send him a big kiss?" In the signs that the demonstrators keep in their hands, they read sentences like: & # 39; We are all illegal & # 39; & # 39; Defend people do not border & # 39 ;; & # 39; No man is a strange & # 39 ;.

Pm Patronage on board of ship eighteen

The Agrigento Public Prosecutor, Luigi Patronaggio, is on board the ship Diciotti in Catania. The magistrate is the owner of the investigation into the detention of refugees on board the Diciotti. The investigation, which could also hypothyise the abduction in person, is still the responsibility of unknown persons: if they were identified by government officials as responsible, the ball would go to the ministers. "The situation on board is crucial: there are several cases of scabies, and in any case the 29 unaccompanied minors have the right to disembark, according to international treaties and Italian law," the prosecutor then said. at the end of the inspection. The prosecutor of Agrigento has investigated abduction and illegal detention of prisoners on board the 177 migrants. The research is directed against unknown persons. The infringements initially envisaged could be modified on the basis of regulatory evaluations which are still under development due to the complexity of the case.

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