Eighteen, Salvini is being investigated by the Prosecutor of Agrigento: 'Do not stop me, shame & # 39;

At the end Matteo Salvini it was examined. The crime hypothesis of Agrigento's prosecutor is abduction, illegal arrest and abuse of office. The minister's chief of staff is also included in the register of suspects. Now, however, the ball comes from the hands of the Sicialian prosecutor. The file of the law must go to the Court of Ministers, the only competent when to be questioned are members of the government.

"This procedure – if it reads in the press release with which the power of attorney – provided and imposed by Constitutional Law 16/1/89 n.1, will, with all guarantees and immunities provided by the same law, allow the specialized collegiate judge to present the behavior committed by the suspects in the exercise of their functions, part of which belongs to the qualified subjects as indicated in Article 4 of the constitutional provision ". The prosecutor adds: "As is known, any negative assessment of the above behaviors must be submitted to the competent Chamber of Deputies for approval".

The minister's answer came from Pinzolo: "That I am afraid to be shameful … The reform of justice is the first thing you have to do, they have four million arrests and they are investigating me".

That between Matteo Salvini and the pm, about the case Diciotti, now seems an open war. The Agrigento prosecutor opened a case against "unknown" that presupposes the crime of kidnapping. Before the news of the open investigation leaked against the minister, it was the same minister who revealed on Facebook that "the prosecutor of Agrigento has officially asked for my personal details". The Deputy Prime Minister had immediately attacked the judge: "To do what he asks for?" – he wrote – "Do not waste time, I will give it to you." Matteo Salvini, born on 3-3-1973 in Milan, living in Milan on xxx street, Italian citizenship. If you want to interrogate me, or arrest me because I defend the limits and security of my country, I will wait with open arms! ".

The Northern League also mentioned the decision to be "small" Luigi Patronaggio to question the officers of the Ministry of the Interior during his preparatory work instead of going directly to the head. "I am sorry that there is a judge who has time and money to spend to question the officials of the Ministry of the Interior: they come directly from the minister," said the deputy prime minister. "It seems insignificant to get angry at officials when there is a minister who takes responsibility for saying no," said Salvini. The prosecutor went to Rome today and questioned the head of the Department of Civil Liberties and Immigration, Gerarda Pantalone, and his deputy Bruno Corda when people were informed of the facts.

The minister does not, however, intend to take any steps. "Despite insults, threats and investigations – it says Minister – I'm working on the & # 39; Eighteen exercises & # 39; to close without paying the Italians this time because we have received and spent enough. A first step was taken: twenty of the Diciotti migrants will go to Albania, as Tirana said ready to help the Belpaese after Italy has done so much for the Albanians.

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