Eighteen, ship the coast guard from 4 days at sea with 177 migrants. Farnesina advocates EU intervention

Rome passes in Bruxelles the ball of the ship Diciotti of the Italian coast guard with 177 migrants on board. " Farnesina formally and formally invested the case with the European Commission to identify a solution in accordance with the principles of sharing between the Member States of the "European Union", according to a statement from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, underlining that "the Italian government considers it essential that the Commission directly takes the initiative with the aim of identifying the available EU countries to welcome the saved people at sea. "According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Enzo Moavero Milanesi in fact" can a decisive action by the European institutions, which Italy fully supports, on an orderly and systemic way to overcome the difficulties and to make a structural approach of burden-sharing, which last two months has already been applied several times, on the basis of agreements ad hoc between the same states ". 19659002] The move comes after four days of stalemate in which the boat has been waiting for a safe harbor where it could dock: immediately after the restoration of foreigners there was a collision between Italy and Malta about who had to give their availability and there are no developments for the time being been. The Minister of Home Affairs Matteo Salvini reiterated that from Rome there will not be the green light to welcome: "Whether Europe decides seriously to help Italy concretely," he stated, "or we will be forced to to do what will finally break the business of smugglers, and that is to take back to the Libyan port that the people at sea have recovered ". The colleague of Transport Danilo Toninelli had just asked for it to be Malta to take control of the situation, but received the number from the Minister of the Interior Michael Farrugia . Silence of the Ministry of Defense: the minister Elisabetta Trenta, on which the management of the Diciotti ship is directly dependent, has not made any statements yet. However, it is clear that the tension between the Viminale and the Italian Coast Guard remains high. Protests come from the left: "What Salvini wants to do is a collective rejection", declared Nicola Fratoianni of Liberi and the same. "He announced in the press the decision to commit a crime".

The recovery of 177 migrants by the ship Diciotti took place a few hours after the mooring of the ship Waterman in Malta and after the & # 39; The EU tried to reach a first agreement on the collective management of migrants. To be involved this time, however, is not the ship of an NGO that the Viminale does not want to build in Italy, but the boat of the same Italian coast guard. A similar case took place in July last year, always with the ship Diciotti, and the situation was only released thanks to the intervention of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella who personally had called the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte .

To break the silence of these days, with the executive power almost entirely dedicated to the tragedy of Genoa, the minister Toninelli who tweeted on Sunday morning morning, took the evening with the government La Vallette: "Eighteen shows that Italy never retires when it comes to saving lives," he wrote. "Malta's behavior is again unsuitable and worthy of sanctions, the EU will step forward and open its ports to solidarity, otherwise it has no reason to exist". The Maltese Interior Minister's version is different (19459003) Farrugia : "They must get off at Lampedusa or in another Italian port.The Italian Coast Guard has the migrants within the Sar (zone of Search and Rescue, ndr ) Maltese intercepts, but right outside the Italian territory, without coordination with the competent RCC, only to prevent it from entering the Italian waters ", wrote Farrugia on Facebook. "An interception on a ship that exercises its right to freedom of navigation on the high seas is not considered a salvation.When the migrants on the Italian ship Diciotti (Italian territory) are near Lampedusa, the only final solution is to put them in Lampedusa. or to land in an Italian port If Italy still wants to treat this case as a #saving, Lampedusa remains the closest security place according to the applicable conventions. "

Opposition protest. "Here we go again", said Fratoianni of Liberi and the same. "After the case of the ship Asso28, which I myself could sue directly from the central Mediterranean region, the government of the Minister Salvini, without shame, announces the will, in the absence of unspecified European aid, to collectively to reject ". And he concluded: "It was not enough the shame, the umpteenth, to keep at sea a ship of our navy like the eighteen with 180 people on board for several days." In short, we are about to have a minister of the Republic in the press announces the decision to commit a crime against the international treaties signed by our country and against the constitution on which he took the oath, the limit was amply exceeded ". Against the Salvini also the Democratic Senator Edoardo Patriarca : "The return of the eighteen migrants to Libya as Salvini would wish would be a real rejection." On board of that ship are women and children, the government can do the other The Italian government is assuming its responsibilities, and I have noticed that the landings have dropped by more than 80% for a year, as well as for the agreements signed by the Gentiloni government, and now Salvini of the Eighteen is not event, he has a little decency ".

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