Eighteen, the 27 minors have landed: there is also a girl

The 27 minors aboard the ship Diciotti, anchored in the port of Catania, have descended from the ship of the coast guard. A girl among them. The Minister of Internal Affairs, Matteo Salvini, gave the go-ahead after the inspection on board the chief prosecutor of Agrigento, Luigi Patronaggio, and the many calls, including that of the procura for minors of the Court of Catania who sent an official request. For the ship, on the quay, ambulances, representatives of the UNHCR, of Red are the children, men of the port administration, police and carabinieri.

"Are there 29 children on the Diciotti ship? They are going down, I'm going a step further," Minister Matteo Salvini said live on Facebook, but all other migrants have indicated that they should stay on board. "If they want to intervene, the President of the Republic or the President of the Council will do that, but not with my permission, "he added.

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The ship is currently stopped in port a Catania where he was able to refuel basic supplies, but he was not allowed to leave the refugees for the majority of Eritrean nationalities. Fico distanced himself from the Salvini line during the day by asking if the minors would disembark. From the Catania prosecutor to the competent ministries.

"You are the President of the House and I am a minister with a very specific program and contract from the government, "said Matteo Salvini on Facebook." Bertinotti, Fini, Boldrini, Fico … I doubt that it is not a happy load ", added Salvini, and for the Italians: «Whether you change country or you change from preacher».

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Fico entrusts his answer to a tweet: "Good news that the government has decided to get minors from #Diciotti For me, it means being the President of Parliament to ensure that the state never renounces fundamental principles and human dignity. I have been chosen and have given my salary as president ".

Count: only Italy. "But does Europe want to make a difference?" It is the appeal of the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte who warns in a post: "Again, Italy shows its humanitarian face, but the prize can not be abandoned to itself". "The European institutions, which at my request accepted the idea of ​​a control room, what are they waiting to intervene to redistribute the migrants on board the Italian Diciotti, anchored in the port of Catania?" He adds.

Prosecutor investigates for kidnapping. The prosecutor of Agrigento has opened an investigation into kidnapping and illegal arrest of the boarding of the ship Eighteen of 177 migrants rescued by the Coast Guard. The research is directed against unknown persons. The infringements initially envisaged could be modified on the basis of regulatory evaluations which are still under development due to the complexity of the case.

Power of attorney: let minors land. The juvenile prosecutor of Catania has sent a letter to the Ministers of the Interior and Infrastructures, to the head of the Department of Civil Liberties and Immigration and to the prefect, asking "unaccompanied minors to disembark" from the ship eighteen. The news published by Intersos was confirmed by the Ajello prosecutor. There are 177 migrants on the coast guard, including 29 unaccompanied minors.

Fico intervenes. "The right negotiations with the countries of the European Union can be continued without problems, but now the 177 people – including some unaccompanied minors – have to be able to disembark, they can no longer be kept on board and then they are moved to the EU ". The president of the house, Roberto Fico, wrote on Twitter.

EU: humanitarian imperative. In the Diciotti case about the ship, "we were approached by Italy on Sunday and since then we have had contact with the member states to find a quick solution." Contacts are still running and we continue to work so that people on board as quickly as possible. This is primarily a humanitarian necessity for the European Commission ". So Tove Ernst, spokesman for the European Commission for migration.

Malta accuses Italy. "Unfortunately, Italy has not yet fulfilled its pledges on the redistribution mechanism initiated by Malta in comparison with the migrants who landed on the island on 27 June from the lifeline". Thus, the Maltese government replies in a note to Interior Minister Matteo Salvini who yesterday "accused Malta of failing to fulfill its obligations with regard to a previous redistribution mechanism set up by the Italian authorities". Yesterday, Salvini wrote that "about 450 immigrants were disembarked in Pozzallo in July, and that it had to be distributed among the other European countries, only France has adhered to it". While the other countries, including Malta, are "zero". Today the government of Valletta replies that "the Maltese authorities have already been in contact with the Italian authorities to fulfill their commitments as quickly as possible, but the Italian authorities have not set up a specific procedure for Malta". "Malta – continues the government's memorandum – has always participated in solidarity mechanisms and was the first Member State of the European Union to keep its promises in relation to the European Commission's solidarity mechanism vis-à-vis Italy and Greece. to international laws and conventions ».

Salvini responds to Saviano. "Summer is over and the nonsense of Saviano is back, not me". This was written by Matteo Salvini, leader of the League, on Twitter and reacted to Roberto Saviano's criticism on the management of the emergency situation for migrants. READ WHAT HE SAVIANO SAYS

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