Eighteen, "the coast guard ship to Pozzallo". The mayor: "It is not on our way to us"

Still the fate of the ship eighteen from Coast Guard, from days at anchor off the coast of Lampedusa. The boat with 177 migrants on board he goes on his way to the port of Pozzallo, in Ragusano. The ship is good 5 days in water, without permission to land through the Ministry of Internal Affairs. However, the news reported by press agencies in which Lampedusa sources are mentioned is rejected by Pozzallo's first citizen whoAdnkronos: "The ship Diciotti is not on our way to our city". So the mayor Roberto Ammatuna, that the confirmation from ministerial sources. "As always, we are ready to welcome the ministry and work together for every solution", adds the mayor.

After days of pulling and jumping in between Rome and Brussels about the fate of the coast guard's ship, which also created intolerance between Viminale and Marina – asks for clarity about the fate of the Italian ship directly to the Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini. The deputy prime minister after the visit to Milan all & # 39;Opera Cardinal Ferrari Onlus confirmed what has already been said: "Whether Europe is remembering or Italy will no longer be the refugee camp where everyone arrives and everything stays and the Italians pay, and so we told our European friends that if there is concrete help, quickly, immediately good, otherwise because they have landed in Italy 700 thousand people in recent years have already given ". In short, the government line is always the same: "Whether there is help and one redistribution Immediately or we will begin to bring these people back to Libya, "he added.On August 19, a note from the Farnesina invested the European Union" officially and formally "so that it" could find a solution ".

EU "at work to find a solution" – The music on the Italian management of the landings does not change and the words of the deputy prime minister have not gone unnoticed in Europe. "We are working to find a solution as soon as possible, we have been approached by the Italian authorities and we are contacting the Member States". So Tove Ernst, of the European Commission for Migration. No comment on the hypothesis of Matteo Salvini to bring migrants back to Libya without a shared solution. "We do not comment on hypothetical scenarios," he said. And also no comments Berlin. The spokesman for Angela Merkel, Steffen Seibert, who answers a question about the Italian position on migrants, in short: "I do not want to comment on the statements of Matteo Salvini". But he underlines how "in the last few weeks" Germany agreed "that they are useful European solutions sustainable and supportive, which must be found at European level "," Berlin will make its contribution ", Seibert assured.

The appeal to Mattarella: "Unacceptable situation" – In the meantime, the internal polemic does not increase. This morning several voices were raised to unlock the eighteen stall. Totò HammerMayor of Lampedusa and Linosa addressed directly to the President of the Republic: "Sergio Mattarella intervene against the Italian government about the story of the ship Diciotti, to overcome one unacceptable situation born from a tug of war that has a lot of politics and nothing humanitarian. "

In fact, the 177 migrants and sailors from the Coast Guard & # 39; hostage & # 39; for our island from which citizens and tourists they help unbelievingly when they see one Italian ship who can not enter a Italian port"The first citizen of the two islands then denounces the fact that" they are in the same port small boats aboard migrant countries "," they pretend not to see ", the consideration of Martello." If the Italian Government and IEuropean Union they can not find a solution to meddle the head of state with a stalemate that takes too long ", concludes the mayor.

A request that follows the letter of formal notice which is always addressed to the President of the Republic and has already been signed by hundreds of people, including the regional Honorable Member of the 100 Steps and President of the Regional Antimafia Commission, Claudio Fava, the former mayor of Lampedusa, Giusi Nicolini, the protagonist of Fuocoammare, Pietro Bartolo: "We ask you to intervene and demand that the coast guard can moor in Lampedusa – we read – not only for the feeling of human solidarity, but to prevent a possible rejection in Libya from being considered irreparable, not only on those who are authorized but all over the country ".

About the story of the ship Diciotti and about the "forced stay" of the 177 migrants this morning was also expressed by the National Guarantor for the rights of persons deprived of their liberty, Mauro Palma, who sent a number of "his reviews of the case" to the high offices of the state, considered "humanitarian relevance".

The prosecutor of Agrigento has opened an investigation – The Agrigento prosecutor opened an investigation into "Know the attempted entry" of migrants "took place on August 16 for the island of Lampedusa, rescued by the motor vessel Diciotti and still hosted on the same ship of the coast guard". The study "aims to identify smugglers and" to know the circumstances of the 177 migrants on board the military navy. "This was announced by the lawyer Luigi Patronaggio.

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