Eighteen, twelve migrants on the ground. But the others remain on board

And while the EU does not come to the point and finds no solution for the 150 immigrants on board the ship Diciotti, the coast guard's boat stays in the port of Catania.

The yellow-green government does not intend to take all migrants with them (as has happened several times in the past) and therefore awaits answers to the redistribution from Brussels. Answers that do not arrive. And so the refugees stay on the Eighteen. This morning, in Rome, the prosecutor of Agrigento, Luigi Patronaggio, head of the investigation into the affair, began listening to "officials informed of the facts" by some officials of the ministry. And while the investigation continues, the inspectors of the Ministry of Health, the doctors of the Maritime, Air and Border and Regional Health Services boarded the Eighteen for a medical checkup this morning. Mattresses, mats, curtains and material for intimate hygiene were also worn on the boat.

After the inspection, the doctors reported that in addition to scabies, some immigrants also suffer tuberculosis. For this reason, eleven women and six men were selected to leave the eighteen. The women would have been raped during their stay in Libya. The landing was ordered by the Catania health office because it is suspected that two of the migrants have tuberculosis. To disseminate the immediate landing, sources from the Ministry of the Interior indicate that in these cases the "go-ahead" from the Ministry of the Interior is not necessary. That is why they could not resist this in any way. In the end, however, five women refused to go down because they plan to do this only with their companions, but for whom it is necessary to request prior permission from the Viminal.

And while the doctors were on board the Eighteen and ordered it then landing immediately the president of the provincial branch of the Red Cross, Stefano Principato, repeated that "the inspection was activated at the request of the Minister of Health who asked for a health check". But the president immediately reminded us that "a few cases of scabies and other diseases have been diagnosed, but they are also being treated well, because there are qualified personnel on board the Diciotti". The staff of the Red Cross has already been activated to accompany the migrants who have been disembarked at the Garibaldi hospital in Catania.

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