Expelled, but the flight stays on the ground. And the Tunisians return to "freedom"

A failure. An accident that forced the Commissioner to "release" some Tunisians that they should get a charter that goes to Tunisia.

The facts date from last Wednesday when 18 police officers they took 7 immigrants from the center for the stay and repatriation of Corso Brunelleschi in Turin and accompanied them by bus to Fiumicino. Ten hours of travel, almost all at night. The same happened for other immigrants, escorted by the residence centers of Bari, Brindisi, Potenza, Turin and Trapani. In total about sixty illegal immigrants. From Fiumicino it should have equipped the flight for their repatriation. After the trip to the capital, however, it did not go as planned: the charter from the Maltese airline Air Horizont, that he would have to reach Hammamet by stopping in Palermo because of a fault, he did not leave, and so the forced escort of Tunisia turned into a normal street.

The immigration order was therefore informed of the Commissioner's order to leave the country Belpaese within 7 days. And it is likely, as often happens, that this will never happen. The reason? "Because the agents can not be held at the airport," writes Time, "all seats in the centers where they were taken and loaded into the buses were all released".

The setback was enough republic to talk about "embarrassing case" for the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini. But sources of the Viminale reduce the incident: "It iswas a technical problem – they know from the Ministry of the Interior – already a charter flight today to repatriate the Tunisians. Another flight is scheduled on Thursday, as agreed. Tomorrow a technical meeting will take place with the Tunisians to strengthen the agreement on expulsions. And with the immigration decision, we will close the gaps of the current rule to avoid hurdles and loopholes for illegal immigrants"For Stefano Paoloni, secretary of Sap, there is also something else:"Despite the fact that the ticket costs are still very high, he said time – the smaller companies that are loaded with these flights (because we are now only moving to the more or less unknown) take care of aircraft that are apparently in a poor state of maintenance".

In short: yesterday was only a stumbling block. Which you could not escape because of the law. "The return to the identification centers – explains Paoloni – is not possible because in the meantime the places released by these are occupied by others and the work is wasted". If they are ever resumed in the future, they will immediately be repatriated without going through the CIE.

Instead of shouting at the scandal, it might have been enough to consider that of the 184 immigrants disembarked in Lampedusa and arrived on 7 fast boats, today they are already sent by air to Tunisia.

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