Families without water or light and 200 km of roads disappeared The Dolomites like 100 years ago

The mountain Belluno is on its knees, plagued by bad weather that does not give a delay. At Rocca Pietore, at the foot of the Marmolada, where Zaia has planted the flag of San Marco to tell Trento that half of that glacier comes from Veneto, without electricity, telephone and drinking water for a week: the aqueduct Serrai di Sottoguda is devoured by the mud and must be redone. It will take years. The mineral arrives with the helicopter of the fire brigade, but the mayor Andrea De Bernardin gives no peace and met Angelo Borrelli, the director general of civil protection yesterday, to ask for the help of the army and more powerful generators. The high-voltage lines that Terna has rebuilt after the great snowfall of 2014 have collapsed and it is not enough to dig the mud day and night with the shovel when the mountain collapses. The budget is very heavy: 5000 families without drinking water and 12 thousand in the dark, but last Monday 160 thousand. Is it enough to comfort yourself? Two hundred kilometers away must be renewed and landslides do not give a postponement.

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«Worse than war»

The Apocalypse in the Dolomites brought a whirlwind that removed 50 thousand hectares of forest from Carnia to the Val di Fiemme in one night. This disaster is enclosed in the Auronzo dam: an expanse of spruce floats on the water, ready to roll downstream, like an eternal Vajont, 55 years after the Longarone massacre. Those larvae that have rolled the "zattieri" of the Piave for centuries to the Arsenal of Venice to support the palaces of the Doges and to build the "galleys" of the Serenissima, now float to the mercy of the floods of the mountain streams. It will take a century, perhaps even more, to revive the beech, spruce and larch forests: the wind of the wind at 180 kilometers per hour has cut the Dolomites from Carnia to Dimaro, in Val di Sole. kilometers destroyed by a whirlwind that also uprooted the forests of Cansiglio above Vittorio Veneto and the Asiago plateau, land inhabited by German cimbri who have won the coal from the trees: «A hundred years ago the Great War did not destroy the ground our trees as the wind did a few days ago »the mayor of Asiago acknowledges Roberto Rigoni Stern. To give hope back to the seven Comuni Vicentini, the under-secretary Giancarlo Giorgetti has awarded a million euros yesterday, a decline that does not soothe anger and pain.

Shot at the ecosystem

"It is true, it is worse than a bomb attack on carpets," says Paola Favero, lieutenant colonel of forestry who works in Cansiglio. "It will take 4-5 years to clear the forests of the disaster, we are talking about 4 million plants that have to be replaced, but Coldiretti has even made estimates of about ten million." It is a fatal blow to the ecosystem because with the leveling of entire forests, biodiversity is also eliminated and the local climate is changed, the hydrogeological regime is being influenced, landslides, landslides and avalanches can be encouraged.Then the major economic damage that is not only given by the millions of cubic meters of wood now on land that will be reclaimed with high costs and great difficulties, only to be used for firewood, "Favero explains.

From Alleghe, in the heart of the Agordino martoriato, there is an alarm cry: the ski season is imminent and the trees have to be removed to let the slopes snow. Sergio Pra, a historic hotel owner from Belluno, admits that "the whole area of ​​Alleghe is bad: the lake runs over, even my hotel is less than two meters of water, it looked like Piazza San Marco in Venice with the flood. to start again, the worst part of the country is at the bottom of the valley, where there are no parking places and we have problems with the snow cannons, the return track that closed the ring for skiers is being destroyed and needs to be repaired quickly ». The big snow business on the beautiful Dolomites in December begins in the woods devastated by the hurricane with the environmentalists asking for the stop.

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