Feast of Unity, Martina: "Enough quarrels in the Democratic Party, we love each other"

"Enough quarrels, we have to love each other". The secretary of the Democratic Party Maurizio Martina concludes with a call for pacification of the National Day of the Unity of Ravenna, explaining that "the citizens understand that a community that wants to rule the country loves, recognizes, trusts". In the Democratic Party it is a remote challenge with Matteo Renzi, who warns from Florence "they are not me off", before the tone is muffled with a call to curb the wars between currents and march along with what the new Secretary Dem will be.

Martina & # 39; s intervention

In her closing speech Martina referred to future internal challenges, without doubting whether she will be in the competition or not. "As far as I can, I am ready to do my part, as I have always done so far," he said with a formula that leaves every possible scenario open. The last meeting of the secretary, an appointment that has always played a major role in the liturgies of the feast, which Martina held for the first time on the day of her fortieth birthday and who in the past reminded of many militants, had very little old ceremony: the president of the party Matteo Orfini was the only executive executive who could help you.

Attacks on the government

In Ravenna, for the rest of his speech, Martina attacked the government: for the behavior of Di Maio sull & # 39; Ilva, for that of Salvini about justice ("for the magistrates one is really worth one") and for the Prime Minister Conte "as a lawyer for the defense of the people – he said – he became a lawyer for the League". Prior to his intervention, of a meeting of club secretaries, the request was made to organize the party congress as soon as possible. Decisions in this regard are postponed until the coming weeks. For the time being, the only appointment on the agenda is the demonstration of September 30 in Rome, for which Martina renewed the appeal to militants and members to "organize a large participation of all Italians who want to be there to recognize each other".

Renzi is absent from Florence

Among the absent in Ravenna also Matteo Renzi who instead spoke at the party in Florence, with a lot of direct Facebook, just as Martina intervened in Ravenna. "I go to the schools, I go on TV, they think they've lost me, but they're wrong," said the former prime minister. "By violence from war at home, we let others win, and they have waged war against the wrong Matthew," he said.

The future of the Democratic Party

The holiday season ends with the spectrum of the congress that continues to float against the background of the scene: it is not yet known when there will be, who will be the candidates for the secretariat and how will the parties, in comparison with the previous internal structure of the Democratic Party, will end up to deeply blend. So much so that Gianni Cuperlo, an exponent of management, asks to open the future conference precisely by explaining the reasons for the last electoral defeat.

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