from Rigopiano's rescuer to his friends dancers

The day after the tragedy, there are ten confirmed dead in the Gorges of the Raganello after civil protection has announced that there are no more missing persons.

Here is the official list of victims, coming from five regions, spread through the Cosenza prefecture: Antonio de Rasis, born in Trebisacce (Cosenza), 24 October 1986, residing in Cerchiara di Calabria; Gianfranco Fumarola, born in Martina Franca (Taranto) on June 22, 1975, living at Cisternino (Brindisi), leaves his wife and three children, two of whom are injured in the river; Antonio Santopaolo, born in Naples on October 11, 1974 and his wife Carmela Tammaro, born in Naples on September 19, 1977, living in Qualiano (Naples), the parents of Chiara, the 8-year-old girl was wounded and transferred to the Infant Jesus of Rome and another girl who remained unharmed; Maria Immacolata Marrazzo, born in Torre del Greco (Naples) on 26 August 1975, residing in Ercolano (Naples), whose spouse and children aged 11 and 9 stay in hospital; the friends Carlo Maurici, born in Rome on January 20, 1983 e Valentina Venditti, born in Rome on April 16, 1984, living in Rome; Paola Romagnoli, born in Bergamo, May 17, 1963, living in Toulouse, wife of the Dutchman Joost van Meerwijk wounded; and the friends from Puglia Miriam Mezzolla, born in Taranto on January 7, 1991, living at Torricelle (Bari) e Claudia Giampietro, born in Conversano (Bari), June 11, 1987, living at Conversano (Bari).

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The Rigopiano volunteer. Antonio De Rasis, 32, volunteer of the Civil Protection: his backpack was found downstream, a few kilometers away from the scene of the drama. In his life, so much social involvement: as a volunteer he was in fact one of those who had intervened after the avalanche in the Rigopiano hotel.

Antonio Santopaolo and his wife Carmela Tammaro. The couple of Qualiano (Naples) died in the waters of Raganello and left behind two daughters, the smallest of whom, Chiara, 8 years old, was admitted to the hospital for the child Jesus of Rome in very serious circumstances. The family spent a few days on holiday in Calabria. She, Carmela Tammaro, was a teacher of the Marconi school, Plexus Dragonetto, the superior technical institute of Qualiano; he was a Decathlon employee. The family was well known in the municipality at the gates of Naples.

"I say, in my name and in the whole of the Qualian government, the deep condolences for the victims and the proximity of their families, with whom we have already had contact to ensure all the moral and material support that will be needed – wrote the mayor on his Facebook profile – Announcement that the return of the bodies after the autopsy exams is called a day of mourning for the city. The whole community of Qualiano, deeply moved, clings to the pain of families ".

The Roman friends Carlo Maurici and Valentina Venditti, 35 and 34 years old, born and raised in the capital, on holiday in Calabria with the camper.

Dead mother of Torre del Greco. During the flood, there was also a family of Torre del Greco, the Vesuvian town that mourned the loss of four boys during the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa. died Immaculate Marrazzo, rescued and hospitalized man, Giovanni Sarnataro, and his two sons Marco and Angela on 11 and 9.

Claudia and Myriam, the inseparable friends. Claudia Giampietro and Myriam Mezzolla, from Puglia, did the dancers and in addition they were inseparable friends. They were together on holiday in Calabria and they lost their lives during the excursion.

Paola Romagnoli, 55, from Bergamo, emigrated immigrant to Toulouse, where he lived with her husband and the Dutch colleague Joost van Meerwijk, who escaped the water, and with two children who were not in Calabria.

Gianfranco, died to save his children. Among the victims also Gianfranco Fumarola, policeman: he had participated in the excursion with his two sons aged 12 and 13 years. They did it, probably because of their father's sacrifice.

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