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"I apologize enormously". This was told by the CEO of Autostrade Castellucci.

"Restore the roads and rebuild the bridge over the Polcevera as quickly as possible, it is our first commitment, we have a project that enables us to have a new steel bridge between demolition and reconstruction in eight months", Castellucci from

"To build the bridge safely, a fund will be allocated to give compensation to all those who are forced to leave their homes". "From Monday there is the possibility to take a toll at the Genova junction from Bolzaneto to Voltri to West Genoa."

"I do not have much to add with regard to what was said on Tuesday, knowledge gave a good health" from the bridge. But this will be the subject of verification, analysis of the judiciary and expertise and will be the first priority. "

" Doubts about the maintenance of the bridge tell me they were overcome. But we will verify our full support to the judiciary, "Castellucci said. We will deal with other issues, such as the relationship between us and the government. "

" In summary, half a billion will be, "he said Castellucci answered a question about the amount of the emergency fund.

" Based on the analyzes of technical constructions and designers, the bridges of our network are safe. I asked everyone to carry out a critical analysis of all relationships again, because an overabundance of caution might be the right time to spend it, "emphasizes Castellucci.

The works decided last spring" were not with a emergency procedure but narrow. Because the companies that could participate in such a complex operation had to be selected. Also related to other non-damaged pylon. It had to extend the useful life of the bridge. "

" It goes without saying that the figures are probably dry. The technical aspect is more relevant. With reconstruction times that we are at work, the cost account does not have priority. They are very important but not fundamental, "said Autostrade CEO

" Autostrade is not on the stock market, it's Atlantia. My only concern and concern is trying to help overcome the crisis in Genoa and our company. This tragedy has strongly influenced all our employees and this is my priority, "said CEO of Autostrade Castellucci, who responded to journalists:" We are determined to bridge the gap. But we need permission. Each of our projects must be seen, evaluated and approved by the ministry as you know, "he added.

Circle, we give it all -" We will give everything and we have all the skills to do it. Our job is to reduce the times as much as possible and to concentrate on the quality of the intervention, "said the president of Autostrade Cerchiai, who is confronted with this tragedy" with great sadness and great participation "

. ] Maio, state does not accept alms – "Let's be clear: the state does not accept alms from Autostrade. We demand credible redress and no exchange will take place. "Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio writes on Facebook at the end of the Autostrade press conference per l & # 39; Italia about the collapse of the Morandi bridge

" The only way the government will follow is to continue with the withdrawal procedure. Their apologies are of little use and there is no way to alleviate the suffering of a city destroyed by pain. "Di Maio writes:" We have made a promise to the families of the victims and to all citizens who are involved in the tragedy of Genoa and we shall continue to honor it at the end "

Salvini, Autostrade minimum union – "I saw that Autostrade apologized and that he would place money, better late than never, but if someone thinks that the costs can be paid for. Their mistakes are wrong, it is simply the minimum union. "Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs Matteo Salvini told the Versiliana Café in Marina di Pietrasanta (Lucca).

Benetton, respectfully we are in the neighborhood -" On this day of mourning our thoughts are directed to everyone who has known and loved people who no longer exist after the tragedy of Genoa. "The Benetton family signs a note with which he repeats his condolences." C on respect – the letter goes on – we want our deep expressing sadness and showing our true solidarity with the one who was struck by the terrible events of August 14th. "

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