Genoa, the bridge is unsafe. "Cooling or securing as quickly as possible"

The consequences of the collapse

In the context of the investigation into the collapse of the bridge, prosecutors continue to collect documents to examine the documentation. Toti: "It is necessary to demolish the eastern stump in the shortest time"


The latest surveys confirm this: we can not wait any longer. What remains of the Morandi bridge, in particular the part of the eastern stump, must be demolished or secured as quickly as possible. This was announced by the commissioner for the emergency who received a technical report from the inspection commission of the ministry led by architect Roberto Ferrazza. The office of the commissioner wrote to the ministry and the concessionaire to start the necessary interventions. When the decision about the slaughter becomes official, the public prosecutor will be asked to continue with the release of the abutments to have them killed. At this moment there is a meeting in the prefecture that addresses this problem.

Toti: demolition of the abutment in a short time
"The report of the committee that speaks with some problems about the east wing of the bridge has arrived tonight". This was announced during the Rimini meeting, the President of Liguria, Giovanni Toti, who also fulfills the duties of commissioner delegated to the emergency for the collapse of the Morandi Bridge. The report on the silence of the stumps of the bridge, Toti added, "we talked about it this evening and this morning with the prefect: that area has already been evacuated and nobody can access it for whatever reason, so there are no reasons for alarm, but this will involve some decisions and some urgent findings in the coming hours ". For Toti, "it is certainly necessary to demolish the tree stump as quickly as possible, one to ensure safety, even now that the area is clearly evacuated and therefore no human being is at any risk, two because without the demolition the reconstruction does not start again ".

Continuous monitoring
Meanwhile, supervision by firefighters and technicians to track the movements of the bridge via georadar and geolaser to quickly intervene if the critical threshold is exceeded. the red zone has been closed in the last few days after the citizens had reported disturbing beeps from the most dangerous parts of the structure. A report that led technicians and even researchers to not exclude the possibility of a quick and urgent murder of what remains of the bridge.

New stop for the restoration of objects in risky homes
And on the basis of the findings of constant monitoring, for security reasons the possibility for the tenants to return to their homes, together with men of the Civil Protection and firefighters, to be recovered in the houses under the bridge, is again interrupted. personal belongings and basic needs. Yesterday afternoon some residents were allowed to return to the buildings in the area behind the collapse, not in the red zone. Nowadays, however, these operations are also blocked as a precautionary measure in that area.

Moved indicates assembly
Next Thursday, in the meantime, the displaced people of Via Porro organized a meeting for the afternoon that will be held on the sports ground of the church of San Bartolomeo della Certosa. What they ask is to return to a situation of "normality" as soon as possible guarantees for the timing of home delivery for all hundreds of families who have become homeless because of the collapse.

Ubi bank suspends real estate items
Ubi Banca has decided to suspend with immediate effect the installments on residential, industrial and commercial property in the areas of the collapse of the Morandi Bridge. The persons and companies involved in loans and loans "can be exempted for 12 months, with a possible extension of a further 12 months, both from the payment of the principal and from the payment of the interest", the bank informs. To benefit from these facilities, simply submit a simple self-certification to the subsidiaries ".

Power of attorney acquires Autostrade documents
It will be done today, as we learn, in the offices of the company Autostrade, through the Guardia di Finanza, the acquisition of useful material for the investigation into the collapse of the Morandi Bridge. The acquisition of testimonies by members of the ministerial commission, Roberto Ferrazza who presides over it and Antonio Brencich, would not be forthcoming. The PM wants to continue collecting documents and start examining the documentation. It therefore takes a few days before the two technicians are heard.

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