gets back in the car and dies in a second crash

When Saturday almost unharmed came through one incident automotive thought it apparently was not hers. He was wrong: fate was just general rehearsals and gave a warning. Quickly overcome the shock, Shiva Devine, 20-year-old from Belleek, Ireland, mother of a child, let out a sigh of relief and as if nothing was prepared for her last Saturday night, even defy fate: despite a few hours before she had an accident she was in the car with five other people on a Peugeot 306. For his last trip.

At about 3.30 am, on that car that had been caught beyond the permitted one, all six collided against a wall in the coastal town of Bundoran: four were catapulted outside, the other two were wounded from the inside. When the rescuers arrived, they found themselves in an apocalyptic scene: Shiva and his like-minded Conall McAleer, also twenty years old, were dead, the other four wounded, two of them approaching death. Shiva's radiant smile, which everyone describes as a sweet girl, died forever after the last carefree evening of her life, a kind of tribute to fate that, "grating" in Dolegan's misfortune, had simply postponed her appointment with her. .

The tragedy on Sunday night drew attention to the problem of the many young people who come home late in the evening, drunk and more and more often in cars that are overloaded with people: a growing phenomenon that causes a large number of accidents causes and victims and has already activated the red warning in Ireland.

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