Giorgetti does not exclude the 3% exceedances: the Bloomberg alarm

a deficit more than 3% to make a large maintenance plan and public works? "I do not exclude anything". The undersecretary for the Presidency of the Council Giancarlo Giorgetti at the meeting of Rimini it talks about markets, public accounts and also suggests that the ECB can evaluate an extension of the Qe in its autonomy. The day after the alarm launched by the Wall Street Journal, according to which Italy still poses a threat to the euro, in order to relaunch the pressure on the euro government however, it is the Anglo-Saxon press. Bloomberg, the US finance office, questioned the major international banks, from Jp Morgan to Commerzbank, from Ing to Morgan Stanley, showing that the spread between the BTP and the Bund could increase to 470 basis points if the M5s-Lega government the ceiling of 3% of the deficit / GDP.

"The government wants to do good for the Italians and I think this government does not like many people, strong forces, representatives of the financial world and technocracy who wanted to explore Italy and wanted to take the last companies of this country under a living ", says the Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini, the first to oppose the article of the Wall Street Journaladding that "we will oppose spreads, downgrades, speculation and attacks". For now, Moody & # 39; s decided to postpone the decision on the autumn appreciation sovereign of Italy (currently Baa2, already very low) pending the publication of the update document at the Def, expected by the end of September, but the spread between the BTP and the Bund closes a sharp decline to 270 basis points of the 280 opening , with the rate on the ten year Treasury to 3%.


The day of Piazza Affari was also positive, despite the difficulties of Atlantia, with Giorgetti recalling that Italy does not have the right to ask for anything, nor to request an extension of the quantitative easing, but I believe that an assessment of the possibility of extending it, especially at a stage such as this can lead to a revaluation of withdrawal ». Meanwhile, always in the press the president of the Bundesbank, Jens Weidmann, defined the guide of the hawks in the ECB he said he did not believe "that a politician, who has the interests of his country, can have such an adventurous idea" as "an exit from the euro: from my point of view it would cause serious damage, especially for the country outgoing, for example for its savers "while" the repayment obligation would not expire, even in this hypothetical case ".


It also intervenes in the area of ​​public accounts and spreads Carlo Cottarelli judge "possibly a staggered crisis in the line of 2011: and the consequences would be even worse." I do not think that this government will make a completely senseless budget law, "adds Cottarelli to Cl's annual appointment," and I believe we by the end of the year might have a ratio of the GDP deficit of 1.8% ". A very different level than perhaps in the ideas of the M5s-Lega government, but according to the former commissioner of the & # 39; spending review & # 39; the cost Italian has recently "not got out of hand".

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