Grills target professional pensioners

The five-star movement is focused on pensions and this is known. But in a few weeks, we might discover that it is not just the highest checks, the gold pensions, that the Yellow-Green Government is clocking. In an interview with Forbes magazine in July, Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio devoted a shift to an old idea of ​​the movement: a public investment fund for start-ups. Risk capital to finance new companies in innovative sectors with high growth potential, but also a very high level of bankruptcy. The interview revealed that the capital will not be fully public, but will also be derived from the assets of private pension funds. That of professionals who do not fall under INPS: engineers, doctors, architects, etc. "Since September – the minister said – here at the ministry we start a venture capital investment fund for innovative start-ups in which private investors and pension funds of professionals with available funds meet". The fund already exists, but "project, the fund must be raised and will serve to create new work," added the pentastellato leader. It is a pity that many professional funds are already investing in start-ups (probably the inspiration comes from that), but that they are all their own initiatives. There is cooperation between the Italian investment fund, set up at Cassa depositi e prestiti, with Assofondipensione, the association that represents pension funds and which was established in 2003 by the initiative of Confindustria and the trade unions (Cgil, Cisl and Uil) to bring pension savings into the real economy. There is Invitalia Ventures. But a fund funded by asset management, such as that of private pension funds, no. Adepp is on its way in September. The association that brings together the social security and welfare agencies of freelancers has heard about the fund announced by Di Maio. One reason for shame is the fact that the Deputy Prime Minister is at the same time Minister of Economic Development, who is therefore interested in raising funds for the real economy, and Minister of Labor, who is then responsible for supervising pension institutions. In order to understand whether it is about strengthening existing partnerships or having the intention to get the trumps that finance the pensions of professionals, one will have to wait for the budget law. The theme is particularly delicate. One of those on which the two majority parties, M5s and Lega, might not agree. The party of Matteo Salvini has severely digested the M5s law that recalculates pensions above 4,000 euros, and punishes those who have retired earlier. After the Salvini openings for the pentastellata proposal, in order not to annoy the ally who was already in trouble with immigration, a small stop came yesterday. The undersecretary of the Council Presidency Giancarlo Giorgetti has indicated that the measure will be adopted. "If someone pumped the last wage, it is good that the pension is recalculated". It is a fact that the highest pensions are less "pumped" compared to the contributions paid. The pension front can therefore glow when it comes to settlement and voting on the account. Opinions could be technical rather than political in nature. The pension specialist Alberto Brambilla, close to Matteo Salvini, and rejection of the M5 proposal, made an alternative proposal for that of the majority, on the basis of a solidarity contribution to higher pensions. Yesterday he gathered the appreciation of Tiziano Treu, president of Cnel and member of the Democratic Party. His proposal "seems reasonable to me: if we really want to give a signal to rich pensions, we follow the path of solidarity that has already been followed and do not run the risk of being unconstitutional, and then decide on what level to say", he suggested. `former minister. Since its presentation, the M5's proposal has gathered a lot of technical no. If it ultimately has the upper hand, it will be for political reasons only and at the expense of the Lega electorate

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