Headquarters Slammed Bergamo League – Chronicle

(ANSA) – BERGAMO, AUGUST 19 – "Cani", "Life is not in
sale "," Respect for Genoa "," Salvini man without heart ":
these are some of the writings that appeared last night
stained-glass windows from the Lega headquarters in Bergamo.
The writings are made with red paint. On the House
he occupies the headquarters of the police in Bergamo. It is the second company
vandalous from the beginning of the year to the detriment of the Bergamo site
"These writings come a few days after the explosion of one
bomb for the headquarters of Lega in Villorba, in the province
Treviso. An escalation of threats and attacks that cause concern e
recalls the darkness of times we thought far away, like the years
from lead, "said Roberto Calderoli, vice president
League of the Senate.


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