here is the movie from the bridge

Yesterday the prosecutor of Genoa was aware of the presence of a new video in the Procura and that would show the exact moment of the collapse of the Morandi Bridge. An important document, which might confirm some of the testimonies of those present and reject the less trustworthy.

However, the researchers' attention was also focused on another video. One produced by one camera van Autostrade was entitled to the piece that preceded the point where the pylon came down.

Yesterday, the Agi explained that the researchers were trying to establish "that there was no tampering with the shooting after the collapse." As you can see here, the film is interrupted at a certain moment, as hit by a eclipse. You see the now famous Basko truck that stops at the edge of the abyss. Then nothing more. Today, however, it appears that the fault would have been caused by a problem with the power unit that powered the system, which was inadequate because of the heavy rainfall that fell during those dramatic hours. Only the case – apparently – wanted to obscure the images just before the collapse of the Morandi viaduct.

From the camera's highwaysthat is why the researchers will not be able to extrapolate the exact moment in which everything has crumbled. If one of them fails, the other – who is mobile – was focused on the release at that moment.

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