Hot message to the parishioners, priest removed to Avellino

SMS and hot messages sent to married men of the parish at all hours of the day and night. More or less explicit sexual advances. The author was the young parish priest of the diocese of Avellino, who decided to remove the bishop, Monsignor Arturo Aiello.

The incident, which took place in a parish on the outskirts of the city, dates from a few weeks ago, but only in the last few hours did we learn the details of a scrape that forced the Bishop of Avellino to arm himself in an embarrassing silence . No official confirmation of the Curia which would have justified the replacement of the pastor with alleged health problems, at least that is the motivation given to the faithful.

He would have been one of the married men who had been reached by the supplication of the parish priest to condemn the story at the top of the diocese of Avellino. At the convocation of the bishop, the young priest – and in the presence of three parish priests – did not deny. Suspension and removal from the parish took place immediately against him.

Hot message to the parishioners, priest removed to Avellino

The priest, who was greatly appreciated and appreciated, even for a series of initiatives with a social background, has meanwhile been replaced by another young priest. Among other things, the pastor is regarded as the author of several anonymous leaflets that have appeared in the center of the city during the last few months in which they accused at least ten Irpinia priests for alleged sexual scandals and relationships with devotees. In the case the remark of Bishop Aiello was lapidary: "I thought the snipers were only in Sarajevo".

The Digos agents succeeded in tracing the young parish priest, immortalized by the cameras, while leaving the anonymous flyers on the windshields of the cars through some of the video surveillance system in the city. A plan to retaliate after the investigation that the bishop has brought against him.

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