hunter killed by a shot from his rifle

In Umbria, just in the vicinity of Mass Martana (Perugia), tragically against an accident on Sunday morning Hunter. A 63-year-old died as a result of a shotgun that he started directly from his hands. A real fatality confirmed by the local carabinieri who revealed the type of weapon, an automatic 12 gauge, in addition to the hypotheses about death and details about the discovery of the body of man.

The dynamics of the accident with the hunter

The call to the carabinieri of Todi appears to have been started just before 14 o'clock by some neighbors who have the alarm of the woman of the hunterThe woman could not understand why her husband was too late, even after she skipped the usual family lunch [VIDEO]and he asked for the intervention of the neighbors in an attempt to find the man in the areas where he was hunting.

A group of people therefore searched one of the places where the man usually hunted to try to understand whether he had simply had a setback and therefore he had not returned home. Purtrppo friends found the hunter lying on the floor, devoid of life: nothing was servedrescue intervention.

The hypotheses of local authorities

The man worked at a reputable local company and on the morning of the accident he left for the open space near his house. He wanted to take advantage of the sunny day that coincided with the pre-opening of the hunt. According to reports in the local media, it seems that the man tried to reach the animal he had just killed (a bird), but in this attempt he would be stuck [VIDEO] between a wire in a vineyard.

Stumbling, of his rifle A deadly blow would have begun that would have left him no chance: the sixty-three would be dead on the spot. The group of people who left for his search, after finding him, immediately warned the rescue workers who, once arrived at the place, could confirm the death of the hunter. The Carabinieri of Todi first looked at the two cartridge cases, which can be traced back to his gun, while he is now waiting for the outcome of theautopsy to determine the exact time of death. The hypotheses formulated by the coroner put death between 12 and 13 on Sunday 9 September.

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