"I killed her." Body found in a farm

Manuela Bailo it was killed from the former lover. The yellow of the disappearance of 35-year-old Brescia has turned into one murder. Man has confessed and pointed to the place where he buried the body of the woman disappeared into nothing between July 29 and July 31. It is about Fabrizio Pasini, 48-year-old from Brescia, trade unionist from Uil and colleague from the youth.

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The man, who returned from Sardinia last night, brought the researchers to the place where he buried Manuela and even found the car, left where the two had met on the evening of July 28 in Brescia. The body of Manuela Bailo is located in the garden of a farm in the countryside of Azzanello, in the province of Cremona.

The fancier, 48, admitted after a long interrogation in which he explained in the first instance that the relationship had ended, "for more than a year", and to have seen Manuela Bailo for the last time on Friday night for the disappearance. The two were also colleagues in the café Uil di Nave, a city in the province of Brescia, where Manuela lived and worked.

Manuela's disappearance goes back to Saturday, July 29, when the woman left the house she was still sharing with her ex-boyfriend, now a cohabiting couple. His car, a three-door metallic gray Opel, was found after the confession of the former lover.

The crime would have occurred at the end of a dispute, in which the man would also have a heavy blow on the ribs. "I fell into the house stumbling into a carpet," he had explained in an interview at the Giornale di Brescia, denying that the damage was linked to the crime.

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