Ilva, Avvocatura Di Di Maio: "There are vices, but the race is nothing". The Deputy Prime Minister: "Still strong critical points and new elements"

The race is not automatic destructibleeven if there are actually gods vices. L & # 39;General advocacy of the state has sent to the Ministry of Economic Development the advice requested by Luigi Di Maio, where the ball is effectively rejected in the field of the deputy prime minister. Because the "Possible deviations" in the announcement for the allocation ofIlva, on which the Mise asked for clarification, according to the Avvocatura there were but not substantiated in one public interest to continue with the cancellation of the whole process. Also because, as expected by The Messenger, the winning team led by ArcelorMittal He acted in good faith. In short, Di Maio will have to decide and will have to do it in a short time, because – according to the report of the Extraordinary Commissioners of the steel industry – the money available to the company will be sufficient to September 15.

For the time being, the Minister of Economic Development and Labor reacts with a note in which he underlines as in the 35 pages & # 39; s opinions are addressed "both criticality detected by Anac that other profiles have reported the attention of the lawyer "." Persistence of major critical problems – continues Di Maio – and new fundamental elements that would lead to suspicion of unlawfulness act. The most relevant profile relates to & # 39;force majeure& # 39; That is to the bad exercise of the same, not protected the general well-being and the public interest because of the denied possibility to perform raises to improve the offer "." Among other things – we read in the note – the lawyer emphasizes a possible lesion of the principle of competition: the movement of the term already 2023 he would have to propose one for the completion of environmental interventions extension the deadline for submitting further offers ".

Tomorrow, Thursday, August 23, Di Maio will hold one press conference at the Mise. There is a rush because in less than a month all existing nodes have to be solved. From that work, the most complicated. the labor unions they have not received an official summons from the ministry to resume negotiations with ArcelorMittal. In an interview with The Republic, the number one of the Fiom-Cgil, Francesca Re David, invited Di Maio "to ask the company to change position, we have gone as far as we could". Informally speaking, we talk about two possible dates to reopen the dialogue: the 24 or the 27 August. The face-to-face between the representatives of the employees and the buyers will therefore probably turn into a "no stop". Also because they explain sources in the neighborhood fileat the moment "an agreement about the work node is really far away".

So much so that the company is for days, according to what appears, tries to organize one new meeting from the ministerial table to illustrate to the trade unions that "step forward" had promised before mid-August when Arcelor had said "never to close the doors" but at the same time had to take into account "the economic framework". Translated: the steel giant ready to take over Ilva's management is available for increase in the number of employees the so far guaranteed 10 thousand, but then a certain threshold of surplus (quantified at the moment 300 people) will have to be revised downwards labour costs for a single summary, with the total amount remaining unchanged. Also because, say sources close to the company, it will in any case not come to a throughput in the new company of all power 13,522 in service (11.155 if employees are excluded in laid off) and to "stimulate" the results is considered essential to create a "tax".

Now it is up to Di Maio to take the next step, try to bring the pieces together again and seal one necessary agreement under the substantial profile to continue with ArcelorMittal's entry into the factories. Provided that the Minister of Economic Development and Labor does not decide to listen to the soul of the M5s that pushes for the "No Ilva" and to trace that public interest that is essential to start the steelworks allocation process from scratch. Finding at the same time the way to run the plants that they need according to the estimates of the commissioners 132 million euros to work at least until December. A time that will not be enough to restart and close the race.

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