Ilva, Di Maio: «Strong criticism from the Avvocatura view»

«Strong criticism and new elements that would lead to the presumption of illegality of the act»: the opinion of theadvocate on the procedure for awardingIlva has arrived at Ministry of Development and this is the lecture given by the vice prime minister and minister Luigi Di Maio. «The most relevant profile», he explains, «is linked to & # 39; excess of power & # 39 ;, ie the bad exercise of the same, because the general interest and the public interest are not protected because of the denied possibility to make bids to improve the offer ». From the viewpoint, there is then a "violation of the competition principle" with the shifting of data and a thorough analysis of the theme of environmental protection. But in fact the evidence of advocacy seems to follow the knots and the problems that had already emerged from the investigation of theAnti-corruption authoritiesfor example, to not cancel the race automatically.


This way the ball returns to the field of government and in a kind of goose game it is now up to Di Maio to choose what to do. The Deputy Prime Minister has postponed a further reading to the next hours of the 35 pages of the lawyer who arrived at his table last night. But time is running out. Directly after the opinion ofANAC On 24 July, Maio decided to start an administrative procedure to check whether there were reasons to cancel the registration. Procedure that must be completed within 30 days, ie on 24 August, and of which the opinion of Advocacy is an essential part. So far away from mise there is no formalization of the advice, many who know the transparency of the minister, expect that this will be published on the website of the ministry, as already happened with the advice of the Anac.


The terrible mid-August with the collapse of the Morandi bridge and the dead of Genoa have diverted attention to the Ilva file, but at the same time opened the debate on it nationalizations and on the goals of privatization, would advocate a "B" plan for Ilva with the arrival of CDP or Invitalia in a newco ready to take over the steel giant, a public time under the umbrella of IRI and then privatized for the group Riva. The Ilva was in fact the first striking case in Italy of poor privatization. Completed with criminal lawsuits and severe punishments against representatives of the Riva group, who have been guilty of polluting Taranto and have not made the planned and necessary investments to protect the environment and health. The trade unions are waiting for the final verdict to return to the negotiations.


The former deputy minister and now senator Pd Teresa Bellanova remember that within 35 days the extension of the extraordinary administration will expire and the funds of Ilva will be empty and delivered count and Di Maio to "say something sensible". In the meantime, it reaffirms the value of the agreement that the Gentiloni government had managed to conclude ArcelorMittal and that instead the trade unions refused. "That assumption of conformity," recalls Bellanova, "immediately provided for 10 thousand workers hired by Arcelor Mittal, who were assured of the acquired economic and regulatory rights, including seniority and Article 18".

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