Ilva hangs on Di Maio

The calendar, which gives no discounts, marks -25. Twenty-five days at the end of Ilva's commissioner and a politically hung fate of Luigi Di Maio. It is up to him to give the go-ahead or to stop at the ArcelorMittal office in Taranto after the withdrawal of the public prosecutor's advice about the tender on which the minister says in strong and clear words: "Persistent critical issues and new fundamental elements which would lead to the presumption of legitimacy of the act ".

The decision is assured, he will grow up "quickly". First, however, there is space, and much, to point the finger at the previous government. It is no coincidence that Di Maio reviews the critical problems in black and white by the bar with interrupted tones and giblets that leave no room for discounts. An assist is not complete (the critical problems do not automatically lead to the cancellation of the race), but the leader 5 Stars makes full use of the decision to have asked for a deepening of the law. Choice that cost him a lot of criticism, because in the meantime the negotiations between Mittal and the trade unions stopped on 6 August and the money to run the factory in Taranto is getting less and less.

"The main profile – as emphasized by Di Maio – is linked to" excess or power "and that is to the poor exercise of the same because the public welfare and the public interest are not protected because of the denied possibility of bidding. to improve the offer. " Not only that. The 5-star leader also speaks of a "possible violation of the competition principle" in connection with the non-renewal of the deadline for submitting other offers after the shift of the completion of environmental measures to 2023.

So far, the weight of Di Maio, which is a counterweight, is in balance with the equilibrium – the distance between Mittal and the trade unions at the core point of the story Ilva: jobs. Here the most popular game is played. The variable Di Maio is essential, but not so much to be decisive. The minister has a very high contractual power over the steel giant in light of the opinion of the Avvocatura. Di Maio can in fact use it as a "weapon" to get Mittal to position himself on a greater devotion than the promised one (about 10 thousand workers hired immediately on a total of 13,522) and the minister did not at all satisfy that. Translated: o Mittal raises the roof of its obligations or threatens to lose everything. However, this option, if implemented, would clash with the difficulties of reaching agreement on the group that won the race and the trade unions.

Between Di Maio's request to the Avvocatura, of August 8, and the arrival of the advice, came to the minister's table last night, the work to reach an agreement went very slowly. The minister talked about Ferragosto & # 39; days & # 39; as decisive, but without the opinion of Avvocatura, the solution is still far away. According to what Huffpost has learned, in fact, if on the one hand the sherpa's of the Ministry of Economic Development and those of Mittal have searched for possible contact points, failures, even further are the positions between the Indian group and Fiom , Fim-Cisl and Uilm. It is no coincidence that the trade unions, albeit with different nuances, have returned to Mittal's proposal to sit at a table, extra Mise, to try to reach an agreement. Proposal arrived just in the days of August.

That is why if Di Maio put everyone around a table, he would be confronted with a situation that was anything but downhill. The Fiom opens for a possible two-step solution (immediately within 11.155 and solution for the remaining ones to be identified in incentive exits and outsourcing at the end of the plan). A line that the Fim-Cisl would not mind, while the Uilm does not want to distinguish between the current employees and the cassintegrati. Mittal, for his part, is still stuck to 10,100 direct assumptions. The stone guest, that is the opinion of the Avvocatura, came to Di Maio, but it is not said that Mittal and the trade unions are intimidated or convinced. Who is not, immediately, is the former Minister of Economic Development Carlo Calenda: "Dear Luigi Di Maio – write on Twitter – instead of giving us your opinion on the opinion of the bar, publish the advice before the announced press conference Tomorrow we avoid the usual ridiculous one-way show ".

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