In the Democratic Party, the collision between Zingaretti and Renziani arises

a pd that is not synonymous with the elite and, why not, with changes name in the near future. This is the feast in the head and in the words of the Governor of Lazio Nicola Zingaretti, the only candidate currently for the secretary. while Paolo Gentiloni asks that they be kept as soon as possible Congress and puts strong emphasis on some aspects of management in the past. "Enough revanchism against voters:" You did not vote and get caught Salvini& # 39 ;. This thing must end, "says the former prime minister, he does it Cortona (Arezzo), on the occasion of the three days of AreaDem, the flow of Dario Franceschini and Piero Fassino. Speeches that can not please renziani, not invited to the meeting (except the dialogue player Lorenzo Guerini) and for a while on the war against the president of Lazio. "This morning in the Senators' chat the anti-aircraft game started on Zingaretti, who said he wanted to do the left without Macron», Says a French-speaking senator to his colleagues in Tuscany. "His only sensible thing in the last few months …".


The president of Lazio wants "less Macron and more equity", criticized the head of the French state, champion of theEuropeanism that loves the loyalists of Matteo Renzi. "You can not attack Macron in Europe, but why?" Says the AreaDem senator. Zingaretti also poses the problem of changing the name of the party. "I will not exclude it, but only at the end of a path where we will see what we have become.If this path leads to another identity, we will see if the name is changed in the Democratic Party." Gentiloni van other brands that many would want candidate at the head of the dem: "I do not convince the idea of ​​changing name The party needs to be changed, but not archived Let's not confuse the idea that it has to change with the idea that after 10 years it will no longer be it does not work, keep it right, it is a stronghold against the risks that Italy is running ". Responds to twitter the former minister Carlo Calenda, questioned by Gentiloni. "I did not propose to simply change the name of the Democratic Party, it would be a cosmetic operation, but to create a broader progressive party, not paralyzed by currents and resentment and open to the participation of new people who share of society. "

Gentiloni then makes a self-criticism that resembles an attack on the board of Renzian. "We have cultivated a kind of revanchism against the voters: & # 39; You did not vote for us from the referendum and then Salvini & # 39 ;. This thing must end here. & # 39; Then a joke: "The conference has to be done as soon as possible and maybe it was already convened weeks ago the assembly. When I say it Holidays of the Unity applause begins … ». They start differently at the Sant & Agostino Convention Center before his speech and between the delegates, his fans grow as candidates. At the congress as soon as possible all in Cortona. The left inside makes left and right Andrea Orlando he insists on "a criticism of capitalism, of what is Italian, too well known". Gianni Cuperlo thunders that "the euro has failed and even if we can not think of getting out of it, if we defend this EU, they will wipe us away". On Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 September the secretary Pd is expected in Cortona Maurizio Martina and Zingaretti.

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