Incoming strong winds and storms

The deterioration of the climate is coming. Umbrella & # 39; s at your fingertips

Attention to bad weather and thunderstorms. The sunny weather, from late summer, can leave room early this day for rain and lowered temperatures. From Monday there is even a worsening of the weather conditions in the north, which will also affect Emilia and Veneto.

And also the Polesine, as specific the Bpp website of Maycol Checchinato, which explains: "Launch of the new week marked by the arrival of a disturbance of the North Atlantic that we can see from the satellite reaching France. For our province in detail rains and thunderstorms, also with probably considerable accumulations in the evening of tomorrow. Beware of the dark bora that will cause intense gusts of wind on most of our areas from tomorrow evening. The weather will improve from Tuesday afternoon. The most intense precipitation should cover the low Piemonte, Liguria, Tuscany, low plains of the north and Emilia Romagna ".

And again: "In my opinion, Emilia Romagna and Veneto will be the worst affected areas with even 15/25 mm, maybe even 30 mm peaks, in other areas of 5/15 mm in general, but in some areas it will probably still be do less, especially on the high Veneto and perhaps mid-high Friuli ".

the The decentralized functional center of the Civil Protection of the Region has declared its focus on strong winds, valid until 18 Monday, on most of the territory.
In short, better to keep the umbrella on hand.

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