"Increased the possibility of a stronger shock"

The head of national civil protection Angelo Borrelli arrived today at the Coc of Montecilfone, in the province of Campobasso, for a meeting with the mayor, Franco Pallotta, the technicians and local institutions to take stock of the delicate situation regarding the emergency earthquake in Molise.

"There is an earthquake, the earthquake is not predictable, there are these shocks, experts say that the chance of an even stronger shock has increased, so let's regulate accordingly, this is the message that needs to be passed on".

This is not a specific alarm, but an invitation to the population and institutions to keep the guard high. Basically, Borrelli repeated what he had said two days ago in the Campobasso Prefecture: "We can not exclude further shocks, even of higher intensity". Add that too "For these reasons, together with the president of the region, Donato Toma, with the prefect, Maria Guia Federico, the mayor and the institutions in the territory, we recommended and activated a number of security measures to help the population. Observe, even by citizens, those who do not feel safe at home, can contact the municipalities in the help points ".

Also in today's meeting, the head of national civil protection stated that "The president of the region, Donato Toma, prepares the report on the request for a state of emergency, and as soon as I am ready, I will convey the statement to the President of the Council of Ministers and the Council of Ministers".

Meanwhile, the checks are continued in private homes in Montecilfone. To date, there are 405 requests for interventions and 35 houses appear to be unusable. In Palata, on the other hand, the Carabinieri barracks are partially unused, while the families of the children have to choose at the opening of the new school year which of the two buildings in the village are being held.

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