Invested and killed for her husband and two children when he returns from vacation

Travolta and murdered for their children when they return from vacation. It was mentioned Daniela Battistina Apples The victim of the accident happened this morning around 6 o'clock in a parking lot 61 km from the State Road 131 Dcn, a few kilometers from Nuoro. According to a first reconstruction of the police, the 48-year-old woman, originally from Lanusei but living in Lucca, traveled with her husband and two children on board a Land Rover.

Shortly after Nuoro, in the direction of Olbia – where the family would take the ferry home after a holiday on the island – the couple decided to stop in a parking lot. The 48-year-old got out of the car, maybe to drive the two children who were sitting in the back seat, but just then a chilled truck came to the same place for reasons that still had to be determined, the woman was completely overwhelmed and killed her. Unnecessary attempts to revive her from the 118 doctors arrived on the spot: the woman was already dead.

Assisted by doctors and transported to the hospital of San Francesco di Nuoro, also the husband of the wife and the two children, still in shock after the accident. As far as the causes of the impact are concerned, the failure of the refrigerated car brakes, the Nuoro traffic police that carried out the investigations, may be investigated. On the spot also the men of the State Police, the Carabinieri and the firefighters.

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