Ischia, hunting for three vaults buried under the rubble

Above, debris. Under a "treasure". Above the dust and pile of rubble motionless for a year: on which we consume discomfort, controversy and tears. Below, that golden and precious litter of which the whole country speaks – between false secrets and public rumors. And where someone – rather than one, and not the rightful owners – would like to roll up their sleeves. And according to what is said in Casamicciola, he would have tried it more than once.

It is a history story – between the grotesque and the melancholy – that is passed from one side of the island to the other and has even reached the offices of researchers and local authorities. It tells that just below the mountain with bloody stones that became the symbol of the earthquake of August 21, 2017, three vaults are buried between the foundations of the building on Via Serrato 16. And it is the family of the Migliaccio, original owners of the building now finished in the main part of the judicial investigation into the collapses and the two women who died of the earthquake, to confirm it. Although, between discomfort and displeasure, "to be forced to defend something that belongs to our sacrifices".

in reproduction ….

In that dust, in short, in addition to the family of three brothers, the courage torn by death, the hope of a community and the life of Marilena Romanini, the older tourist who fought every small apartment on the ground floor and was killed by the earthquake also three boxes with precious.

"Things in our family history are certainly no bank vaults, no princely treasures," say the Migliaccio and Trani families quickly. But it is a fact that, according to the latter's complaint, there would have been clandestine attempts to move the rubble, and "objective transformations of the state of the places," in the words of the displaced people of that building. in an attempt to seize the swag. The owner family would even have testified with a series of photos that the layout of the rubble layers seems to have changed considerably. They reported him to the police. "But the amazing thing is that they answered: you were not allowed to go to those places and take pictures, it is dangerous, but it seems like a tragic joke: thieves can act undisturbed about what was our home and not us? the damage but also the joke? ".

Complications after the earthquake. In the absence of a floor mat even a tragicomic "treasure hunt" has been taken. However, the researchers provide protection and have ensured that the army personnel observe the red zone with greater vigilance. The fact is that the entire displaced committee knows the history of the three vaults. "This is one of the many awards we pay for the lack of operations, the delays and the very little attention the institutions have reserved for our old Casamicciola," summarizes Susy Capuano, at the top of the combative association. "We have to act fast, even the sacrifices of families deserve respect, even the objects of a grandfather or a granddaughter". Yet Ischia is waiting. Whoever finds the reconstruction wins a treasure.

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